The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part VII: Bang bang, you’re dead!)

As stated earlier, on conception, or soon their after, it is highly probable that an EBH, while yet in the developmental stage, becomes consciously aware of their state of being; their existence. Researchers continue to document children recalling events and memories from the womb. This learning, listening, and absorbing is existentialism at it’s purist form; in fact, the ultimate baseline of human existence.

At this point, it falls to the parents as to whether the developing EBH will benefit from a fact based education, built on unadulterated truths, the good and the absolutely despicable, an education on which the child can build a strong, meaningful, purposeful, reality based life, or simply adhere to the status quo practice of bombarding the child with the fabricated, fictionalized, embellished, fairytale bullshit version of life, suitable only for having ones child falling in line with the rest of the zombotic (yeah, that’s my word) morons. For those who believe the true education of babies falls to state educational systems, uh, no. For those who believe the government mandated educational curricula is for the benefit of the individual, welcome to Utopia; and, please do not remove your blinders.

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part VI: “Bring Out Your Dead!”)

In essence, EBH incredibly chooses to totally abandon reality. He ignores the fact that his rock is simply that, a rock, floating, spinning, locked in a monotonous orbit around a blazing, dying star. He ignores the glaring fact that everything he knows as “truths” in life life, he has fabricated, like his own fantastically scripted genesis, and his crude concept of “time.” He ignores the fact that he can, and does, fall over dead from little more than the common cold, not to mention sharp objects in the hands of other (angry) EBHs.

EBH effectively shucks all to instead embrace a fictitious, ridiculous, almost comical mythology based entity that would prove far more costly in terms of lives than any Black Death, far more costly in terms of property loss than the most powerful, catastrophic tsunami or earthquake.

EBH would embrace, tolerate, support a growing cult built on a foundation of deceit and treachery, and in doing so would bring upon himself, and every EBH on the Rock, unspeakable horror; a horror of such magnitude, of such unconscionable inhumane acts, a black shroud of death would, still, covers every nation.

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy,  Part V: “Lilith in the cornfield.”

The drafter of Genesis, while unknown, is credited with producing one of the most impactful works of fiction ever written. Yet, almost immediately the masterpiece went into revision.
It seems the writer penned in a voluptuous, confidently beautiful, Lilith as the first woman created by God; and, we’re told, this first woman was supposed to serve as a sidekick of sorts to the first man, a.k.a., Adam.
Well, apparently, there were some major issues with how the character Lilith was depicted, beginning with how she was created.
It seems the woman, in this particular version of the genesis (there are many), was supposed to be created from one of Adam’s ribs, to cleverly attest to her subservient status to his. Well, the writer must have missed that memo, as I’m sure happened back then also, because he created Lilith from the same Earth, dust, as Adam, making her his equal.
Okay, big boo-boo there, true, but next the writer developed Lilith, not as a docile, obedient, submissive little go-fer mate, rather as a rebellious, non-conformist, staunchly independent woman, who was not about to play second fiddle to no man, first, second, or last created; and then, there was this little something about her sexual appetite and demands to be on top in the boudoir. (This writer was great!)
When Adam demanded her compliance (per God’s command), and full submission to his will, she simply packed her gear and walked. (Probably the most powerful lesson in The Bible to women.)
It was clear Adam could not handle this first lady on his own, and had to make that call for reinforcements, and sure enough, mediators were dispatched from above.
Apparently, exercising her womanly prerogatives, mind made up, Lilith not only has the audacity to argue with and refuse the commands of not one, but three Archangels, Angels sent by God himself to deal with her, uh, attitude, she also (allegedly) manages to seduce yet a fourth Archangel, Samael (several times).

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy (Part IV: I am that I am)

All acknowledge that a fetus develops off the genetic coding provided from the female and the male parent; but when speaking of the EBH conscious, of course, we’re speaking of the activation of the human senses, the birth, if you will, of the human personality, what some call the soul.

Even today, EBHs remain ignorant regarding so many, critical aspects of themselves. This is not for not wanting to know, not needing that knowledge, rather due to horrendously inadequate, fact limited, truth limited, mythological favoring educational systems; the great purveyors of misinformation.

An EBH, young or old, desiring to understand life and existence, make sense of what is happening on the rock and why, must educate themselves, involve themselves with other existentialist seekers, and properly see to their own happiness.

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part III, “Rooaarrr!)

The Etruscan woman could participate in, engage in casual sexual trysts with whomever she pleased. These women prided themselves in physical fitness and impeccable appearance; they considered being seen nude by others, especially men, as a compliment, not as an embarrassment or disgrace. 

The Etruscans are one of the first societies to flaunt open marriages. They could be said to have originated orgies and the infamous ‘key parties.’ Wife sharing was a custom to them. They not only accepted many, many men onto their couches, but would lovingly raised any child that resulted out of those encounters, whether they could identify the biological father or not.

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part I: “In the beginning…”)

… the facts, the truths, the sequence of events, the interventions of whoever, whatever, which led to, not only his, but all creatures coming to co-exist on Earth, whether it involved a magical, mystical  glorious creator of all things great and small, whether it involved a life form creating celestial big bang, whether it involved the biological evolution of a single celled organism that first threaded water, then walked ashore, or whether it involved a maniacal space traveler named Scotty, knowledgeable in transporter technology. That information, needless to say, has never been, is not now, nor will ever be accessible/available to an EBH that, instead of exhibiting rational thought, responsibility, some measure of level headedness, presented only as an undisciplined, reckless, irresponsible simpleton.