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Call for Legislators to Adhere to 14th Amendment and to Emancipate Women!

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Women in the United States of America are not free contrary to popular belief. They are in fact highly legislated. Most of these controlling, subjugating, demeaning, and humliating laws stem from Stone Age, false, misogynistic religious doctrines dating back to the days of Aristotle and Augustine. For some reason our legislators feel the need to cling to these ancient human relics and their words. We the people of the 21st century, however, need for our legislators to finally break from the long debunk Blackstone-Hale philosophys that render women mere property and concubines. We need compliance and adherance to our Constitution, especially the 14th Amendment. In finally liberating women, removing those unconstitutional abstract bindings that are federal, state, county, and municipal laws, statutes, and ordinances will we empower the only force that can salvage this country. This hegemonic masculinity ruse man has attempted to miserably hold to, this religious cult backed misogynistic empowerment which has cost millions upon millions of women their lives is done. The emancipation of women must happen now. Legislators wishing to remain in the Stone Age are welcomed to do so, after removal from office by the vote. Those not up for re-election must be removed by re-call. This then is a call to the poles. Let’s come together as a nation, work together as a people to finally make America truly a land of the free, a land with liberty and justice for all.