About Robert Barron

Robert Barron is first and foremost a retired Navy Hospital Corpsman who was fortunate enough to have sailed around the world. He also had the honor and privilege of serving and deploying with grunt battalions of the First Marine Division. His global experience afforded him firsthand accounts of sexual exploitation of women at the hands of indifferent bar owners and their clientele. Today, he is a Texas State (Lifetime) Certified Special Education teacher, and while he is not currently teaching in the classroom, he continues to teach via his writings and publications. Though not a card carrying member of any organization or association, he contributes freelance to the efforts of various non-profits. He strives to serve as a global advocate for human and civil rights, advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves. He is presently engaged in a change.org campaign calling for U.S. Legislators to adhere to 14th Amendment and to emancipate women. He created DhesBar Publications as an outlet for his writing. His most recent publications offers a historically accurate account of the history of violence against women. Proceeds from his publications benefit battered women’s shelters, and The Joseph Marcus Barron Memorial Scholarship. You can contact him at dhesbarpublications@gmail.comRobert.

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