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The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy,  Part V~”Lilith in the cornfield.”

A quick review before continuing. Earthbound Human, one day out of the blue, finds himself on a floating rock, which he calls Earth…

No. Hold on. Let’s try that again, this time being painfully honest.

Earthbound Human is a stumbling incoherent, grunting, knuckle scraping, mindless creature on a floating rock, scrounging to feed himself, sometimes avoiding, sometimes not, a multitude of other predatory creatures looking to feed on him.

It’s inconsequential as to how EBH came to be on the rock.

That’s better. For in short, on his waking, EBH had to immediately launch into all out survival mode, just like every other creature on the rock. Everything was in the food chain then, just like everything is in the food chain now.

Fast forward millions upon millions of never ceasing rotations of his rock on it’s axis, coupled with it’s never ceasing orbit around it’s glaring Sun.

EBH will come to refer to this constant twrilling in circles as the passage of “time.” The primary measurement of his time based on the appearance, rising, and disappearance, setting, of said Sun.

As I explained, EBH was creative and imaginative. The truth is EBH didn’t have a clue he was rotating at all; he only knew the bright thing glowing above him was there, then it wasn’t.

But, you and I understand there is actually no such thing as time; you and I know there is only the perpetual, methodic spinning of the Earth on it’s axis, and it’s equally methodic, perpetual orbital trek around the Sun.

What EBH will come to refer to as his “past” and his “future” are but illusions; his time concept, his seconds, minutes, hours, his day, month, and year but clever little creations based on repetitive observations of astrological events, events which could drastically change, even cease at anytime.

The black void? The other “rocks?” The possibility of other life forms? All beyond EHB’s comprehension for reasons yet to be discussed. But please note, Caveman EBH produced art depicting what could be construed as alien images, and odd shaped objects, perhaps some kind of craft, but more on that later.

For in reality, EBH exists only in the here and now, the present, the moment; the twirling of his rock has absolutely nothing to do with his existence, and that applies to every living creature, great and small.

As for the infamous “beginning of time,” and the even more dramatic “end of days,” just more fantastical creative writing to nip at the mass’s fear and fascination with the unknown, and toy with his sense of guilt.

What creative writers rarely explain to their readership is, in the end, it’s the raw natural process of decay that will prevail, not fabricated fiction of gods and heavens .

Despite the truth staring EBH square in the face, he either simply could not grasp it, or he simply chose to ignore it.

Despite his observing the birth of EBH offspring, and observing the death of those same offspring at some point during their life on the rock, some as soon as one twirl, others hundreds of twrils, still others more; despite observing that alone, EBH could not make the vital connection.

Everything living on the rock, whether that life pertained to sea creatures, creatures which took flight, the forest dwellers, the burrower, the tree climber, even two legged walkers, all were “born” to die, which is to say, cease to exist. Yet, matter never truly ceases to exist.

The number of spins around the Sun an EBH would enjoy was anybody’s guess then, is anybody’s guess now. And absolutely nothing leaves the rock. Nothing. Everything that has walked and talked, flowered or bore fruit, swam or flew, is still on the rock in one form or another today.

As for the infamous “beginning of time,” and the even more dramatic “end of days,” just more fantastical creative writing to nip at the mass’s fear and fascination with the unknown, and fodder to toy with EBH’s intense sense of guilt.

And so it happened that EBH, assumably, up to this point, the brightest of all Earthbound creatures, considering his “guiding” conscious, having somehow, someway, perhaps by timely activation of embedded, encoded knowledge, possibly through careful calculated and measured trials and errors, maybe by sheer dumb luck, whichever allowed him to advance physically, emotionally, cognitively, consciously to a level of fledgling intelligence, allowed him to develop communicative and social skills that further allowed him to positively engage with other EBHs, despite all that, so it happened, he totally screws up.

Considering all the positives, for there were certainly plenty of negatives, one would think the story of the EBH would enjoy a fairytale ending, right?

Uh, no.

For instead of simply reaping the plentiful harvest offered by his rock, EBH opts to forgo everything he knows to be good, everything he has come to know as progress, to abandon a prosperous, emerging co-existence with his global EBH brothers and sisters, and take his tribe down a new path, a dark path, a path he will instead pave with the blood of those same brothers and sisters.

He even chooses to deny female EBH. Wait. Did I say deny? I meant, he opens up a super-sized can of raw humiliation, degradation, exploitation, subjugation, and if that wasn’t enough, subjects her, and her daughters, to the most horrendous, despicable, unconscionable physical torture and deaths his demented imagination could invent.

Let’s be sure we’re clear. This is the woman who struggled side by side with him. Who helped not only establish, but lead and advance the community. The very source of lineage and heritage. His mother. The mother of his children. Turning against her alone would cost him dearly.

So, what drives EBH to lose it? To simply chuck it all away? Let’s find out.

Let us never forget, EBH thrived on creativity and imagination, his driving processes, his universal strengths (and follies). But with the commissioning of the creation of his genesis, EBH opens the door to his own undoing.

You see, the creative writers EBH commissions, the players, the manipulators of words, were also the conivers of profit and influence.

Yes, creative writers are some of the baddest EBHs around.

Let’s face it, there were not that many truly gifted creative writers back then, and when the gig is to create the genesis of all EBHs? In essence, to create the entire universe? Come on. This was the gig of gigs! And as it’s turned out, the result is known to many today as the greatest fictional story ever produced. The rock’s all time best seller.

For these writers knew well, there was nothing more powerful than the well written word, especially when the recipients of those words were ignorant and illiterate and highly impressionable (gullible?).

Other opportunistic, calculating, scheming personalities, the earliest scum of the Earth, hovered, watching, waiting for the right moment to seize their nitch allowed by ensuing social chaos.

Having said that, allow me to clear something up. I am using the term genesis in the sense of origination. I understand, considering all the literary works pertaining to organized religions, a few doctrinal collections may include a chapter entitled Genesis, but I am not referencing to that chapter. I am merely referring to the origination of EBH, an event, to this day, still very much a mystery.

And now for the curse the lowly creative writer must deal with; and now, let’s consider the Book of Genesis. For the first known draft of this book, fantastic as I’m sure it was, is (allegedly) forever lost. It’s author(s)? Unknown. The date drafted? Not a clue. Royalties to this guy? Nada. Nil. Not a dime.

You see, literary work, all literary work, I don’t care who is producing it for what reason, all literary work undergoes a process known as revising and editing. If the originator does not maintain control of the piece through this process, well, it’s the old snooze you loose thing, especially if the work turns out to be a hit.

The books included in the collection of books known as The Bible, are some of the most read books ever printed, but the original writers, their heirs, are not making a dime from the popular works. I’ll tell who is though, just keep reading.

I stated it was crucial for a writer to protect his work, typically referred to as academic, or intellectual property; today, a writer has copyright laws to help him protect his drafts. But, the laws can get tricky. For example, if I were producing this work on an employer’s computer, the millions of dollars I stand to make on sales could be awarded to that employer, considering it was produced on company equipment.

Consider the following.

Christianity is just one of the untold number of organized religions in existence across the rock today; and, it is further divided into a myriad of denominations, congregations, fellowships, cults, sects, covens, etcetera. One such denomination are the Baptist, which claim an impressive membership.

The Baptist prefer the King James Bible as their literary doctrinal work. This version of the bible was commissioned by King James I of England in 1611, ergo his name adorning the title. Again, questionable authorship, questionable overlapping timelines, has undergone an untold number of revisions by an unknown number of writers. Yet, this literary work is still published and sold globally, as the irrefutable, undeniable, under the threat of heresy, the word of the Christian deity, God.

Now, The King James Bible is one of the most popular versions in print, undeniably. Five major denominations adopt it as their official bible. But, recently, a hand written copy of The King James Bible was found archived in the Cambridge University library. Mislabeled as a commentary, the hand scribed treasure had gone undetected for who knows how long. The researcher that made the find, American scholar Jeffrey Alan Miller, on inspecting the text, acknowledge the work, not as a commentary at all, rather as an actual revision of the scripture in progress.

The revisionist accomplishing the work, a well known King James translator, Samuel Ward, was in fact utilizing all the cutting and reorganizing techniques for accomplishing revising and editing.

There was no evidence, however, Miller further comments, of “divine” intervention; so, if this was in fact the irrefutable written word of God, then God was a disciplined revisionist.

I don’t add this anecdote to discount the existence of any deity, in any form, rather only to stress the point that EBH had grasped the concept of fiction imitating life, and took that concept to a whole new level. For if the word of God is indeed perfect, never to be challenged, under the threat of heresy, no EBH should have ever revised or edited a single word, much less an entire book.

Irrefutably, the altering of one line corrupted the work, invalidating it.

The revising and editing, the marketing, the collection of one penny for the words make it trash, and believe me billions have been made by enterprising EBH selling God’s Word. But not to worry. The Truth is still available, in a pure untainted version. 

Perhaps, The book of Genesis can help us understand better this need to have holy scripture read a certain way, at least for EBH.

The drafter(s) of Genesis, the opening book of The Bible, while unknown, is/are credited with producing one of the most impactful works of fiction ever written. Yet, almost immediately the masterpiece went into revision.

It seems the writer penned in a beautiful Lilith as the first woman created by God, and, we’re told, to act as the garden mate for the first man created, Adam.

Apparently, there were some major issues with how the character Lilith was written in, and how she was “created.”

First, Lilith was created from the Earth, making her an equal to Adam. Next, she was written as a rebellious, non-conformist, staunchly independent woman, who was not about to play second fiddle to no man, first, second, or last created; and then, there was also a little something about her wanting to be on top. (This writer was good! )

Lilith even had the audacity to argue with and refuse the commands of not one, but three Angels sent by God to deal with her “attitude.” Well, apparently, this was intolerable to those who commissioned the work, because man was superior, not woman. 

Sadly, feisty Lilith, probably in the first revision, probably the target of the first revision, was quickly wished into the cornfield, replaced by a more compliant, more submissive Eve.

However the original of any deity/doctrinal focused book read, the seemingly constant revisions, each embellishing, characters, personalities, and situations more and more, offer today’s reader versions that encompass just about every conceivable, however implausible, anti-physics, anti-matter, anti-logic scenarios ever concocted and offered in print.

The expression delusion of grandeur is an understatement in this case, for EBH successfully, however incredibly, elevated himself from grunting, bumbling, murderous, adulterous fool to worthy of experiencing a personal linking, a communique, a face to face interaction with his Grand Creator; check that, the Creator of absolutely everything living and not living, the rock itself, all surrounding rocks, the Sun that lit up his day, and the Moon that illuminated the night.

Just as every tribe concocted their own physical representation of a deity, be it a ram’s head, a half man half falcon, a calf, a tree, so they created their own mind boggling stories of their deities earthly manifestations and messages. Suffice it to be said that each of those stories are equally entertaining, imaginative, and all seem to satisfy the emotional needs of that particular tribe (or not), so we need not cover them in detail here.

Suffice it also to be said, each deity, in and of themselves, offered the faithful individual EBH believer a sense of purpose and internal, if not eternal, security and safety.

What does matter, what are of grave concerns are the self-proclaimed Shaman, which kind of rhymes with Con-man, who saw opportunity to corrupt the faith of the believer, and in the process, make a few bucks.

For with his growing sophistication and silver tongue glib, ever improving persuasive writing skills, a powerful, very powerful new deity to exploit, and lots of hair tonic, EBH now realized a new strength, the power of control and subjugation of the weak conscious masses. Through his growing cleverness, EBH quickly learned to use those inspiring, emotional, deeply moving, heart wrenching, highly entertaining and engaging “religious doctrines” to initiate the grandest ruse ever perpetrated against his fellow EBH.

For, EBH was still not content with all he had acquired or enjoyed; no, not content at all.

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