The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy (Part IV: I am that I am)

Revised July, 2017

Last we heard, EBH conceded that he was bound to the surface of a rock; a rock floating, spinning, orbiting a brilliant, life sustaining fire rock. 

Further, he was convinced his rock was not the only one of its kind; for each time the fire rock disappeared, the black void was there, speckled with what he somehow knew were other rocks just like his. And, he wondered.

But, his rock offered just about everything he could conceivably need or want to survive. Veggies, fruits, meats, birds that lay eggs, fish of countless variations, all nourishing, strengthening.

And, his rock provided all the clean fresh water he could drink, all the lumber needed for his shelters, the thatch for his roofs.

The female EBH had proven herself an intellectual equal, albeit a little bossy at times. Still, she confidently and skillfully assumed critical leadership roles, establishing herself as a strong business proprietor, as well as being the ideal, graceful social companion.

The female had in fact, in many of these roles, presented more aggressive and forward, a staunch negotiator, at least more so than her male counterpart.

In the social realm, she also presented more outward, including sexual prowess.

While most male EBHs were accepting, appreciative, supporting of this perplexing female, there were those males who actually felt  intimidated, if not downright threatened.

For here was this (mostly) smaller and fairer, soft spoken, soft skinned, long haired girl, with her gentle curves and jutting breasts, her vagina, and, she was not only doing it all, she was often doing it better.

What’s more, not only was she performing, and performing well on the job, she was doing it in society; at home she was carrying the load almost alone. This means she was solely responsible for maintaining the house, nurturing and educating the child.

For it was the female EBH who had properly prepared each child to succeed, to become hard working, conscientious, productive and responsible members of the tribe.

But, to be fair, male EBH wasn’t just hanging with the guys at the pool hall, or entertaining his concubine, he was accomplishing some good, interacting and communicating with other tribes, near and far, establishing trade,     sharing ideas and sharing discoveries, like new, time saving agricultural tools and techniques.

He was soon enough engaging in cooperative projects, building aqueduct systems for irrigation and roads for moving goods and people, all that the lives of all EBHs could improve.

The surface of his rock, his landscape was changing. Collectively, the tribal villages were growing, and more importantly, prospering.

Life on the rock was good. But still, at the end of the day, when the sky went black, when those other rocks lit up the endless void, the nagging question filled his mind.

But now, with his impressive list of accomplishments, with his ever developing communicative skills, with emerging sophistication, he had to finally put the nagging question to rest. After all, school children were asking, and academics were pressing: How could there not be an answer? How could he still not know the answer?

And so, once again, as if somehow all linked by some subconscious encoded bond on a timer of sorts, EBH answered the question once and for all.

But, before we learn how EBH arrives at his answer, and more importantly, what that answer was, let us go back to the EBH conscience for a second; that mysterious conscious that is as unique as finger prints; no two the same. That  magical mystical conscious nobody knows squat about, and nobody ever will.

About the only verifiable aspect regarding this phenomenal human attribute comes, no, not from well read Freudian psychiatrist or psychologist (and their infamous couches), and, no, definitely not from Shaman and their pious, supernatural link to that omniscient unseen God, rather, no, what little we do suspect comes from obstetricians in joint studies with neonatal neurologists.

Sighting multiple cases, these specialist in the yet to be born confidently state that a developing fetus, deep within the womb, is processing external data.

Considering this, it must be acknowledged, the conscious, which identifies each and every EBH as a thinking, feeling, living human being is active and absorbing stimulation, knowledge, possibly from conception. 

All acknowledge that a fetus develops off the genetic coding provided from the female and the male parent; but when speaking of the EBH conscious, of course, we’re speaking of the activation of the human senses, the birth, if you will, of the human personality, what some call the soul.

Even today, EBHs remain ignorant regarding so many, critical aspects of themselves. This is not for not wanting to know, not needing that knowledge, rather due to horrendously inadequate, fact limited, truth limited, mythological favoring educational systems; the great purveyors of misinformation.

An EBH, young or old, desiring to understand life and existence, make sense of what is happening on the rock and why, must educate themselves, involve themselves with other existentialist seekers, and properly see to their own happiness.

Consider, the EBH senses; the senses being the keys to life.

EBH children are taught they possess five basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  But in reality, there are a myriad of distinct human senses.

Let’s consider the EBH sense of touch. I’m sure all will agree, touch is a fairly broad term.

The sense of touch can be further said to include the perception, the sense of pressure, such as with a grasping arm, the perception of heat, which can range from mild to extreme, and the perception of pain, typically measured in a scale of 0 to 10; 1 being, “Eh,” 10 being, “OMG! Kill me now!”

Likewise, your conscience, through other senses, continually monitors your body’s physiological needs, like a sophisticated, highly efficient home monitoring system. That’s your conscience telling you you’re hungry, not your stomach. 

Collectively, these are known as interoceptive senses, controlling everything anatomical and physiological within the EBH body without his intervention.

Most, if not all EBH senses, are inherent, embedded, encoded into the EBH genetics and the subconscious, pasted through conception, activated during fetal developmental stages, honed in the neonatal phase. This level of sophistication, intricacy did not originate in a fish that one day decided to just flop out of the water and grow legs.

So my point is, what if EBH’s conscious somehow, someway, at some point relays, recalls, blips data pertaining to who, what, when this form of existence began?

What if rag tag remnants of pre-Earth information lingers still deep within the EBH conscious?

What if obscure “flashbacks,” scrambled and distorted that they may be, corrupted and infected, reduced to indecipherable gibberish, surfaces from time to time, recording as unreliable data, ignored as such by most EBHs, catching the curiosity and imagination of others, stimulating senses, imagination, registering as obscure memories.

In that early EBH’s subconscious mind was actually in control of much of what he believed he was controlling perhaps explains his greatest folly ever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, only because it’s the only conscious thing to think; you believe all this subconscious stuff is sheer nonsense. But, before you go back to your precious funny cat videos,  consider, if you will, your own government, and just about every other government out there. For all are highly invested in breaking the code that protects your magical, mystical ephemeral phenomena that is your highly personal stream of consciousness.

Back? Good. Because the undeniable fact is, whomever breaks that barrier first, wins the big game; and by that I mean, they will possess the ability to gain control of every EBH mind from the point of conception.

Consider that today, with only very limited, superficial knowledge of how the EBH mind works, advertisers know how to get you to buy their line of clothing; game developers know how to distract you for hours, days. They simply bombard you with images of positive, enjoyable, pleasing scenes and associate those images with their products.

Organizations of every description,  especially highly sophisticated ones, like financial institutions and religious organizations thrive through appealing to the EBH sense of safety and security. The hook? Join them, apply for membership, pay the nominal fee, and feel safe and secure for all eternity (literally).

Of course, financial institutions have their monthly fees, service charges, and a myriad of penalties. Religious organizations typically do not have application fees per se, but do expect substantial monthly tithes and offerings, many as much as 10% of cash holdings.

Some of the more radical religious organizations require much, much more from members including material holdings and strict adherence to very specific institutional doctrines.

Violations of these binding doctrines, some as menial as eating forbidden foods, or becoming involved, romantically or otherwise, with non-organization members, outsiders, would mean excommunication, ejection, from the organization.

This level of restriction, loss of personal freedoms, such as being forbidden to seek medical care in the case of illness or injury, can, and have, resulted in the death of members.

In the case of religious extremists fundamentalists organizations, the doctrines demand yet more. Commitment may entail total emergence into a society that will require total personal sacrifice, demanding, not only violent acts against others, but demanding the death of anyone who does not share, and/or accept, respect and abide by religious doctrines, even family members.

All religious organizations, for reasons we’ll delve into soon, rely heavily on engaging their members emotionally, deceiving them through false, fictional doctrines. Many enslaving and entrapping members through intimidating tactics known to build strong co-dependent ties. That is to say, the target EBH comes to depend on, to psychologically need the organization.

These PYSOP like tactics are highly effective against the ignorant,  gullible, and vulnerable EBH. In parochial educational systems, the instillation of mythological based beliefs effectively brain wash children from pre-teen years.

Many, many children have fallen victims to sexual abuse at the hands of Shaman at these facilities.

And so it was, after emerging from the bush, climbing down the trees, slipping on comfortable sandals, making great strides, hitting and exceeding milestone after milestone, EBH allows his guiding conscious to be effectively distracted.

The task of building on commonality, global cooperation, unity, and ensuring social stability that would, at the very least, give global unity a chance is sacrificed, forever derailed in   favor of the imaginary, fantastical, mythological realm of gods and demons.

I will offer what is currently the accepted (based on archeological finds), recorded starting point for this crucial event. 

This starting point is Mesopotamia, honored in EBH history as the first Empire. Located at what is now Iraq, within its borders was the first city, Sumer.

Universally accepted as the origin of human civilization, Mesopotamian and Sumerian citizens are credited with many defining accomplishments establishing, founding many current systems and social structures. 

Is this a factual statement? It is until an older civilization is unearthed.

You see, historical markers, such as the artifacts, structures, and whatnot excavated allowing the identification of the cities of Sumer and Babylon by archeologists, are not the only artifacts buried on the rock. Always remember, anything and everything that has existed on the rock is still on the rock, at some depth, within some layer.

EBH’s current reigning historical facts are based on artifacts, shards of pottery, tools, city walls, etcetera, unearthed to date; the reality is, within the next spin of the rock, a whole new civilization could be unearthed, ten fold advanced, ten fold sophisticated than the Mesopotamian Empire.

Anyway, for now, Mesopotamia emerged at the end of the last Ice Age, estimated at about 9600 B.C.E.

Quick note here, in marking dates and eras, the previous methods were B.C., for times and events occurring Before Christ, and A.D., indicating times and events occurring in the year of our Lord, Anno Domini; more commonly used today are B.C.E., Before the Common Era, and C.E., for Common Era.

So, understanding that (or not), Mesopotamia, the reputed, greatest empire ever, was on the proverbial map. And while I have not done this yet, I’m going to do it now, and may do it a couple more times, I am going to strongly recommend that you visit my Works Cited page and review the Mesopotamia Timeline, and see what all this early civilization is credited with.

But, two key events listed are, at around 3600 B.C.E., the Mesopotamians are credited with the invention of writing. Uh, accept that as you will; personally, I hardly agree.

The second note worthy event occurs at 3400 B.C.E.: Priests become the rulers of Mesopotamian cities. And this is the event of which I refer.

Now, I have been stating that social developments have been occurring unilaterally, uniglobular, simultaneously, such as development of ugh into a complex tribal language; and that is why I cannot accept that the Mesopotamian tribes invented writing; for every tribe invented writing.

But this, priest becoming rulers thing? That was definitely not one of those events.

Unfortunately, this occurring in such an influential, prominent, persuasive foundational society, with its ground breaking, charismatic leaders, like Hammurabi, Sargon, and Nebuchadnezzar; this permitting the ascension of mythological phonies, soundly detached from reality, many existing in surreal, psychosis induced delusionary realms, not worlds, was the spark igniting a global, disastrous, all consuming wildfire that would claim millions upon millions of EBH lives and property, homes and kingdoms. 

For it was one thing to create a tribal deity to unite the citizens around; it was one thing to build temples for that deity, to erect brazened images, typically fashioned after some prominent, local hero EBH, for comfort and acceptance and familiarity.

It was one thing to invite all tribal citizens to join the community congregation, key word being invite, and to lovingly welcome those who wished to participate at their own chosen level, while respecting those who opted to light their little candles and worship in the privacy of their own homes.

You see, a lot of conscientious leaders understood, it was one thing to adopt one tribal deity as supreme, allowing that deity stature above all other existing deities (and there were plenty). It was important, after all, that EBH know that he was not of unknown origin; he needed to know he had at least a great father, a grand creator, somewhere in that vast void of darkness, sitting on a majestic throne, in an unknown, unseen mysterious Heaven.

EBH had answered, finally, that nagging question, each tribe in its own way. The    creation of his deities proved useful to some extent, in that the tribal citizenry did, for the most part, unify around their designated, chosen god, and in many cases, family of gods, whether that god was in the form of a ram, eagle, or a familiar image, such as an iconic local personality. The latter added credence to the belief EBH exists in the image of his creator.

Still others opted to adopt more supernatural gods. These were typically all powerful, omniscient, unseen gods that are always present, always watching, observing his every move, aware of every EBH thought, every EBH act. These were gods that not only gave life, but could take it away. Gods that could richly reward, or harshly punish.

These Gods could offer eternal salvation in an utopian Heaven, a place among the star’s above, or condemn the disbelieving, disobedient EBH to eternal suffering in the very pits of Hell, a fiery, torturous place in the belly of his rock.

Yes. EBH had finally answered that plaguing, nagging, question. He now knew his origin, no matter how fictional that origin was, and just as important, he now knew his final destiny, eternal rewards, or eternal misery.

But, EBH was not content; no, not content at all. 

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