The Elusive Woman’s Vote? Easy!

I curiously listen to the chatter as to who is “earning” the woman’s vote. Personally? I don’t see the issue. The candidate that is truly and sincerely seeking the woman’s vote is the one who is strong enough to openly, publicly, during a debate or Townhall gathering, on the street corner of any city in any state, Blue or Red, stand and loudly, without reservation, proclaim the long debunk Patriarchal Social System dead and buried, loudly, openly and publicly, without reservation, stand and proclaim the misogynistic church’s influence over our government dead, stand and loudly, openly and publicly, without reservation, proclaim all women emqancipated, equal under the Constitution of this country, especially under the 14th Amendment. In “freeing” women, in liberating over half of the American workforce from senseless subjugation and repression, they can then, and only then, proclaim themselves as pro-woman. Until that happens, they’re just playing centuries old political games: appease her, compliment her, use her, then push her aside. So, let’s see  which candidate has the courage to stand up against the misogynistic right, the courage to stand tall for the the American woman.q

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