Pornography and the American Women and Child, Part 4 in a Series

porn3I am going to open this post with a very clear, direct statement that could be argued, will be argued, but no argument would/will stand against the evidence and supporting documentation behind it.

Pornography is not now, never has been, never will be entertainment. Pornography is not, by any stretch of the imagination, artistic expression. Pornography is blatant, exploitation, degradation, humiliation, and criminal violation of women that communicates a loud, menacing, continuous message to all women, globally. A message of hate. Any person who is presently engaged in its production, or acting as an accessory to its production through financial contributions/investment, or by legislative support, political sanctions, needs to be prosecuted.

The very idea that the Federal Government, your legislators, your Congressmen, your Senators, your sitting President, your Supreme Court Justices, all or most with wives and daughters of their own, would protect and defend pornographers under the articles of our Constitution, while unconscionably not only denying, but persecuting women under that same document is beyond comprehension.

This turning of their proverbial backs to American women, the selling of American women for monetary gain, the heartless sacrifice of more than half of the population of this country, including children, only emphasizes the sad truth regarding the direction this country is taking, in fact has been on for far to long.

That people, at any level, would participate in this kind of barbarous activity, is mind-boggling.

Well, beyond comprehension that is unless you consider that pornography is a 10 billion plus business, in this country; and the trafficking of women for sexual purposes is reported to gross up to 32 billion globally. Incidentally, pornographers have a lobby in the hollow halls of Congress, and billions of dollars can buy a lot of influence. And Joe the Plumber, and everyone else will soon be able to trade in the flesh of women via Wall Street (many believe this is happening now).

Money aside, let’s talk about the men involved.

The producers, the directors, even those on the sidelines acting as accessories, the politicians, the investors, those concerned only with the money factor, are not necessarily misogynist; these men love women and the money they make for them. Greed and profits at any cost to anyone, and the lost of anything, like self-respect, is just business.

But, in order to make that oh so desired and precious dollar, these people need misogynist to engage the women in what we’ll call a convincing and attracting way.

I am going to explain something before moving on, something that many of our young have either never been taught, considering this kind of education comes from the streets and not from parents, but nonetheless something that is essential to their health and well being.

Sexual intercourse, copulation, between a man and a woman, is a natural act. The male body is designed to engage with the female body to allow procreation; procreation, of course, is the continuation of life, humanity. However, as with so many, many other natural events, man has managed to corrupt even this natural event into something from which to benefit from financially.

What’s even more amazing (alarming? scary?) is the number of human beings, upright on two feet, walking, functioning (at least physically) human beings who, for whatever reason, not only watch, but pay to watch a natural act performed.

This single disturbing fact alone speaks volumes as to the emotional stability/instability, the psychological fragility, the personal insecurity and lack of self respect, lack of integrity, and the total corruptibility of American men.

I have conducted extensive research and data gathering in addressing violence against women; a considerable amount of that data supports/alludes to man’s overall conditioning, under the Patriarchal System, to control and dominate women, even if in a docile relationship. Other men, those who subscribe to hardcore, extreme pornography suffer from concerning types of emotional disturbance and/or psychosis. The later issues manifest as a result of child abuse, child neglect, abandonment, rape/molestation, TBI, and a myriad of other physical, emotional traumatic episodes.

But a significant number of porn watchers are pegged as closet homosexuals. These men are restrained, repressed, denied by such social stigmas as homo-hatred, homo-phobics, homo-bashers. They exist in a life of fear and denial. Therefore, they are forced to remain in their closets, denied the lifestyle they crave, the lifestyle they know exist for them to protect a more sociably acceptable persona; worse, they are forced to sleep with a woman they actually despise and hate to touch.

These men don’t watch porn because the woman is tall, curvy and endowed; these men don’t watch porn because the woman smiles up to him with that “I want you, come hither” gleam in her eye. They watch porn to watch the man perform.

It has long been reported that porn today is produced for the homosexual man. Consider that an increasing amount of porn no longer even features the vagina in the starring role, rather penetration is anally. Consider that an increasing amount of porn today involves multiple men and one female, the classic gang bang. The other men, while awaiting their turn to engage the woman, stand posing, masturbating to the delight of the homosexual man.

A homosexual man can be caught with this porn by his wife; he can invite his friends and coworkers to watch with him. There is a woman in the mix. But there’s more.

There is a growing trend in pornography, a highly concerning trend that only reinforces my assertion that Earthbound man, archaic man, a being that apparently cannot, for whatever reason(s), whether they be psychological in nature, indicate genetic corruption, hint at evolutionary stagnation, or simply be a matter of his brain having reached its maximum capacity to process data logically, whatever the reason, it’s causing man to regress, not advance.

There is an insurmountable amount of evidence to this claim, which will be raised in coming posts, but for now, I only want to address man’s growing fascination with physical dominance and brutality. When displaying this towards his fellow man, it results in death, and is almost always associated with the attainment of money, territory, or power. When he unleashes this violence against women, it is usually associated with personal gratification and pleasure.

If you doubt this is happening, simply watch the news. And I’m not only speaking of the events of the Middle East and Europe, with the horrific accounts of rapes and sexual assaults;wars have historically found women as prizes and trophy. I’m also speaking of the escalating number of heinous acts of violence and human degradation right here on American streets.

How is this manifesting in porn? There has been always been that element of violence in pornography. Again, to appease, satisfy, and hold those true misogynist and women hating, frustrated homosexuals, porn long ago slipped away from the comfortable Avocado green couches and shag carpeting of the 1960s and entered the realm of extreme gang bangs, public humiliation, and mock rapes of school girls. Today, it’s estimated that roughly 90% of porn involves some form of violence directed towards the woman, and when I say violence, I mean out and out physical torture and brutality that defies justification (and lack of prosecution).

To appease even the hardest of the hard misogynist, Snuff films are produced in which the woman is depicted as not only a horrendous torture victim, but a murder victim as well.

This negates Merriam-Webster’s definition of porn: movies, pictures, magazines, etc., that show or describe naked people or sex in a very open and direct way in order to cause sexual excitement. The latest trend adopted by pornographers involves the no holds barred, brutal physical punishment of the woman that, again, defys it’s protection under the even most basic laws of this alleged in God we trust, Jesus loving land of hypocrites and woman haters.

The latest trend in sexual excitement and stimulation is a little something referred to in the porn industry as the Donkey Punch.

The Donkey Punch is the latest catch phrase used when a woman is being physically, brutally, sexually assaulted on film for the world to enjoy. In the course of enduring, essentially, sodomy, the woman, the female actress, is taking punches to the back of the head, brutal, hard, closed fist punches; she is taking punches to her legs, her torso; she is being pulled around by her hair, spat on, gagged with fingers, and kicked.

Now, if produced in a Chatsworth studio, America’s celebrated porn capitol, the actress may stop the assault if the beating becomes excessive; but, the true problems of pornography evolve when street pornographers produce truly extreme films.

These are not professional producers. These are not professional actresses. These are the human traffickers and these are the millions of missing children of this country.

One critic, an arm chair connoisseur, on watching one of these basement productions, described it as watching a street beat down mixed in with sex. He describes the girl as nothing more than a punching bag, taking brutal hits to the head, body-blows and plenty of facial slapping. This critic’s favorite part of the film? When the male took the woman’s hand and began to beat her with her own fist.

In another case, a 15 year old high school girl was brutally gang raped by three boys and one man for over two hours. The rapist violated her with objects and physically beat her during those two hours. How does this story fit? The gang rape took place at a school dance, on an outdoor bench and watched by some twenty people. Live porn. The girl was left, unconscious, kicked under the bench to die alone.

And so, I’ll close this post by restating my opening statement followed by a quote by one of the churches most celebrated and prolific writers of doctrines and scriptures.

Pornography is not now, never has been, never will be entertainment. Pornography is not, by any stretch of the imagination, artistic expression. Pornography is blatant, exploitation, degradation, humiliation, and criminal violation of women that communicates a loud, menacing, continuous message to all women, globally. A message of hate; and our legislators sanction and protect it, benefit from it monetarily.

Tertullian, described women this way: “I,1,2 God’s judgment on this sex [that is women] lives on in our age; the guilt necessarily lives on as well. You are the Devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that tree; you are the first foresaker of the divine law; you are the one who persuaded him whom the Devil was not brave enough to approach; you so lightly crushed the image of God, the man Adam; because of your punishment, that is, death, even the Son of God had to die. And you think to adorn yourself beyond your “tunics of skins”? (CSEL 70.59 as cited in ClarkWomen in the Early Church 39)

Once more, thank you for reading, and I hope you come back for the 5th post in this series in which I will share a short excerpt from an upcoming release. It will be definitively define Genesis and creationism.

Below please find some links utilized in producing today’s post. For a complete list of sites address violence against women, please visit my Resource page at

And as always, please do not hesitate to offer a comment, or ask a question.

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The American Women and the Trans-Atlantic African Slave, Part 3 in a Series

The first slave ship is recorded to have docked at Jamestown in 1619. One Sir John Hawkins was at the helm. Captain’s Hawkins ship? Why, The Good Ship Jesus, of course.white

It is not clear how many slaves Captain Hawkins brought ashore that day, but one thing is very clear. As the first slave disembarked, he fell to his knees at the whip of his new Master.

Ah. But why are we talking about the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade in conjunction with the call for emancipation of women?

Here we go.

As the Slave Trader took his whip to the back of that first African slave, understand that his whip was not new leather. In fact, that whip was well broken in. Because you see, long before that first African slave felt his master’s whip, a woman was on the losing end of that whip, and worse.

You see, man perfected the art of slavery, the art of human domination, the art of psychological control and intimidation of another human being on the very backs of women.

Missed that part in history class did you? No. You didn’t. Teachers do not teach you all you need to know, only what the establishment wants you to know.

You see, it’s important that America’s young understands, believes, that women wholeheartedly accepted their subjugation, repression, and subordination. It is important, to men, that young women accepting that their rightful, God given place in life, in society, and in the church is at the foot of man. Their masters.

For as the African slave was disembarking ships by the thousands, American women were well into their servitude.

Here’s a fun fact for you. The court ordained the plantation owner as lord and master over his stable of slaves. He could punish as he saw fit; he could kill as needed/warranted. He was the law and order over his stable; a stable that included his wife and children.

Collectively, this group was happily (or not) referred to as the plantation owner’s familia, of which he was the head, just as today the man is considered as the head of the family.

Back to the American women, because she was watching the developing situation, and she was growing more and more concerned.

In April, 1633, Anne Hutchinson, a woman ahead of her time, an aggressive woman who didn’t know her place, though it had been pointed out to her many, many times, spoke up against John Wilson, the then leader of the church.

Her attack on Wilson soon enough found her labeled an Antinomian, that is, someone who dares question the laws of man; but what she actually did was counter the Puritan religious opinions of the clerics, more importantly, the head cleric.

Of course, she was tried for heresy and expelled from the colony; fortunately, that was all.

But the discord regarding the ideologies within the church only grew and grew. Women, following Hutchinson’s lead, were becoming very vocal. (Note: Some credit Ann Hutchinson with initiating the feminist movement.)

In April, 1690, probably having tolerated enough from women, probably feeling their strength in numbers, the church began what is accepted as the most notorious and hideous assault on women in the history of such assaults, and there have been many.

Consider briefly these facts. Hitler’s Nazi murderers are credited with six million plus unthinkable murders. Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge is credited with roughly two point five million murders in the infamous Cambodian Killing Fields, what can only described as genocidal. Japan’s Prince Asaka is scored with over half a million Chinese (mostly civilian women and children) who were brutally mutilated and slaughtered in the streets of Nanjing alone. But the number of lives, women’s lives, that God ordained clerics unconscionably took (and some believe continue to take today) in their phony witch hunts (femicide) are said to fall in the tens of millions.

Hitler took himself out before he could be captured; his ovens were shut off. Pol Pot was charged with war crimes; his death was recorded as a heart attack, but highly suspected as a suicide. Prince Asaka was recalled to Japan in shame. He was charged with war crimes, but was granted immunity, as he was a member of the imperial family, by General Douglas MacArthur (politics always before justice). But here is the kicker, not one charge, not one indictment is recorded against any member of the church in connection with the millions upon millions of women’s murders, which included traumatic dismemberment, the pouring of hot oil into orifices, including vaginal, and of course the infamous burnings at the stake, and the dipping (alive) into vats of boiling oil, all in a very public, very ceremonial, very celebratory forum.

Mission accomplished. Women were successfully repressed.

In the eyes of man, now well situated in his Patriarchal Social System, women were now less than slaves. In the eyes of the church, they were officially sub-human, the very gateway to hell, a creature not even God acknowledged.

But, how could this be so in America? A new land, with a new Constitution that clearly stated “with liberty and justice for all?”

That’s an easy one. The Constitution, when drafted, applied to Americans, not slaves; and, if you’re sticking with me, you’ll recall that the women and children were considered part of the familia, the slave count.

In actuality, liberty from the English Crown was a man vs man thing. For other than the taxation thing (money), political and religious doctrines pretty much remained the same.

One of the biggest influences on American politics is still one Sir William Blackstone.

Blackstone was a very influential British judge whose published position on woman was that they needed to be dominated by men. He held that men had the legal right to beat women in order to keep them in check. He called this, The power of chastisement.

Women in the new country, just as in the old, would be subordinate and submissive; women would know their rightful place in society. And for those that refused, by being disobedient of her man, arrogant in tone, the local governments had in place guidelines by which the man was expected to execute his responsibilities as husband, and punish her. These guidelines were detailed, right down to the size of switch he could us, and where on her body he could place his blows.

Fun fact time; even today the American Supreme Court quotes this hegemonic masculinity proponent, this misogynist, Blackstone, in their court decisions.

But Sir Blackstone wasn’t the only old country jurist who came to the new land.

In 1905, a Texas appellate court overturned the conviction of a man found guilty of assault and attempted rape of his wife citing a court ruling issued by one Lord Hale, in England, in the year 1500.

Lord Matthew Hale, in case you were wondering, was just another English misogynist jurist the colonist couldn’t quite break from. Lord Matthew Hale. The man detested rape, but detested women even more. Essentially called them all liars that could not be trusted; he also liked presiding over witch trials.

His misogynist rulings, which essentially mocked, intimidated, and put the fear of God into women, were still being quoted in American rape trials up through the 1970’s; probably still are in some parts of the country.

Why is it important to mention these British jurists and their rulings? Because these archaic, misogynistic men influence rape cases in 21st Century American courts. And, that’s why rape prosecution in America today isn’t taken as seriously as it should be.

I love hearing about the glorious Harvard Law School School grads, and all the other haughty taughty so called top tier law schools grads, but it seems to me not one law school in America has produced a single American lawyer. These schools have only managed to produce clones of English jurist.

I often wonder what a truly American judicial system would look like.

Until that happens, sadly, American women will continue to be repressed, and subjugated, and degraded, humiliated, and yes, beaten, just like Master Blackstone and Master Hale said they should be.

I know what you’re thinking. The African slave realized emancipation. They’re free (somewhat). Why can’t women realize emancipation?

And in there lies the connection between the American woman and the Trans-Atlantic African Slave. It was actually the Anti-Slavery Movement that afforded women the opportunity to (finally) raise their voices and establish themselves as a movement, a cause for emancipation.

The Emancipation Proclamation was issued on January 1, 1863, by President Abraham Lincoln; if you note the Women’s Rights Movement Timeline of Events offered below (#13), you will also note it begins in 1848.

The unfortunate reality of this post is, while the Trans-Atlantic African Slave was able to gain emancipation just 244 years after that first ship docked in 1619, women are still fighting for their emancipation.

Once more, thank you for reading, and I hope you come back for the next post in this series in which I will explore at least one reason woman remains repressed; why legislators turn their backs to her. It’s a money thing called: America’s porn industry.

Below please find some links utilized in producing today’s post. For a complete list of sites address violence against women, please visit my Resource page at

And as always, please do not hesitate to offer a comment, or ask a question.

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Patriarchy In The 21st Century, Part 2 in a Series

The United States of America is established under what is known as the Patriarchal Social System. A social system that you’ll find elaborate definitions for, but I’ll cut through the fat and give it to you straight: The Patriarchal Social System gives all the power of the man. The power to control his home. The power to run the state. The power to administrate the federal government, the court system, and legislature. Simply put, under the Patriarchal Social System, man rules.

I have provided some works cited for you to delved deeper into this Archaic social systno patriarchalem, but here’s the gist of it all. Our society is well into the 21st Century, yet, we (collectively as a people) feel the need to cling to a Stone-Aged social system that does not provide equality to the citizenry. Ironically? Then we ask, “Why don’t we enjoy equality as a people?”

Woman once stood as an equal with man, considered an integral part of the social structure. But as the social horizon was changing, a myriad of factors was forcing woman to remain closer and closer to the home. The man was becoming more and more aggressive in defending not only his homestead, but the village.

The woman took on a more supportive role.

But that was just life. A struggle. Requiring team work. The husband and wife team could have overcome their specialties in life, but that was not the case.

Enter the perverted and misogynistic cult.

Before I continue, I’m going to take a minute to explain some things here only because I understand many of you love your church, love your God, love your Jesus, Allah, Buddha, YHWH, Elohim, Jehovah, Brahman, et cetera, et cetera, believe me, I could go on and on. But this post isn’t about religion, that’s for another day, this post is about the insidious belief that man is in charge of this planet.

But, just as Patriarchy found man in dominant authority, the situation was further complicated, drastically, by the intervention of another male dominated, misogynistic influence, itself a political entity (not a religious one).

Men began to adhere to a false, exaggerated, distorted (psychotic?) belief in their ability to communicate with God. Moses did it in 1400 BCE, why not them? (Quick footnote: The very word God was not even coined until the mid-1800 CE; you do the math. And even then it was not associated with the Creator.) But here is the gist of this line, no man, no where, at no time, has been in direct communication with a supreme creator, per research and investigation.

To date, no human being has, and it is most likely no human being will ever speak face to face with the any supreme entity for any cause related to mankind. Yet, many men began to claim such association with God and established for themselves an Order, and a venue, their temples, through which to gain influence and power in the developing (struggling) societies.

The goals of these self-ordained clerics were to gain control of citizens through fear tactics, threats, and the publication of false, intimidating doctrines and scriptures through which they would make believers bow to their perceived power and influential connection to the Creator. They also wanted to possess land and money.

Now all of this would have been harmless had it not been for the misogynistic factor.

Misogyny is defined as the hatred or dislike of women or girls. Sadly, this was one of foundational themes of the developing, organizing church. So much so, within their doctrines and scriptures, they called for her death at the hand of men.

“You shall not allow the witch to live,” was the order from the pulpit.

The resulting, unprecedented, sweeping slaughter of women is incomprehensible. The numbers are estimated as high as nine million plus, and that was only at the end of the Inquisitions.

In that the order still exist today, is still preached today from pulpits around the world, is still viable today, can be found in every holy book in print, means many men still believe it is their God given right, their duty to the church, to abide and beat, torture, even murder women.

Now, as idiotic, as insane as that may sound to you. Consider this; the clerics were so adamant in their desire to control the populations, they even had three clerics produce a book, The Malleus Maleficarum. This “how to” book details how a man should hunt, trap, and kill a witch. (Important Note: There is no such things as witches other than the cute ones running around on Halloween. Never have been, never will be. They are a physical impossibility. And no, there is not mystical, magical evil power that offers them the ability to fly on a broom.)

So, the Patriarchal System, the influence of the cult, soon had man believing himself to be inherently superior to essentially everything, women, beast, nature, even other weaker men.

But that was then; this is now.

Here is my point. This is 2016. We are well into the 21st Century, yet we are still bound to archaic, Stone Aged thinking, doctrines, long proven debunk religious scriptures, and our women are still persecuted as witches.

Consider these choice quotes from some of the most revered religious front-men:

  • Woman is a temple built over a sewer.Tertullian
  • The word and works of God is quite clear, that women were made either to be wives or prostitutes. —Martin Luther, Reformer (1483-1546)
  • The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians. —Pat Robertson, Southern Baptist leader (1930–)
  • No gown worse becomes a woman than the desire to be wise [educated]. –Martin Luther, Reformer (1483-1546)

Unbelievably, a concerning large number men today cling to those ridiculous words as if they actually meant something.

Here’s what I want you to walk away with from this post. And I’ll launch this with some good news. Recently, we heard the long overdue announcement that military women could now serve in virtually any, and every capacity within the armed forces. And that, gives me cause to state this:

The Patriarchal Social System is dead in America.

It’s time for man to take a dose of his own medicine; but, that pill is going to be a choker.

Oh, many, many men are clinging, hugging, weeping over the corpse as if it would somehow rise like their beloved Lazarus; but no.

Here’s another important fact to know; as per the 2010 Census, women now have the edge over men in this country. The stage is set, woman has been given the cue, she must take that cue now.

There will be no more confining women to the home; there will be no more condemning her as inferior by design, a thing of no social use other than to be a servant to man, good only as a bearer of children, a concubine. There will no more legislating her medical rights. She will no longer have to work for less than the man. She is on the verge of equality.

The practice of subjugation, humiliation, degradation, and enslavement is over. The winds of change are blowing.

Thank you for reading,and I hope you come back for the next post in this series in which I will explain what women and the black man have in common (you don’t want to miss that one!).

Below please find some links utilized in producing this entry. For a complete list of sites address violence against women, please visit my Resource page at

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no patriarchal

The Cost of Violence Against Women, Part 1 in a series

This post is the first in an educational series addressing violence against women; in that a lot of people feel uncomfortable with this topic, I thought I’d be straight up just in case you wanted to go elsewhere. But before you leave, consider this single fact: Women in America are second class citizens. (In other countries, they are far less.) I stahelpmete this as a fact based on the overwhelming documented evidence that American women are not afforded equal protection under the U.S. Constitution; they are denied this equal protection by the Executive Branch, the Legislature Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

One blatant, indisputable case in point is our government’s refusal to acknowledge women’s rights under the the 14th Amendment. The opening section clearly states that no State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. Yet the number of bills passed legislating women’s rights to proper health care, and in many cases life saving medical procedures stand at a ridiculous, incomprehensible number. The consequences of these laws is criminal.

There are many other instances and examples, and it is these unconstitutional violations of human and civil rights perpetrated against women that I will be addressing beginning with this post.

Still with me? Good, because what I’m offering you, through this series, is comprehensive information on public record (none of this is made up). My only goals and objectives are to provide you insight into an issue that is not only deeply impacting our society, but devastating many innocent lives.

If for no other reason, read these short posts for your own personal edification. If you’re a mother, consider sharing with your daughter and son. If you are a daughter, consider sharing with your parents and siblings. In other words, if you think these posts are worth sharing, then please feel free to do so! Share it with your Friends, Circles, your Tweeple. You never know, maybe this information could be helpful and enlightening to someone connected to you. Here’s why. One in every three women, no matter the age, will be abused, battered, raped, violated in some way in their life.

If that fact upsets you, scares you, well, consider another fact: 90 plus percent of women, and we’ll bring this down to the United States, 90 plus percent of American women don’t feel safe in our sophisticated 21st Century, high tech society. And, I’m not speaking only of lower class at risk women living in ghettos, drug environments/conditions, I’m speaking of women from every socioeconomic level, including law enforcement officers, lawyers, doctors, judges, educators, nurses, corporate executives, you name the class, it is represented.

Young women, middle school, high school, college age, are at higher risk.

Here are some statistics published by the U.S. Department of Justice: Females ages 16-24 are more vulnerable to intimate partner violence than any other age group – at a rate almost triple the national average; approximately 1 in 5 female high school students report being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner; among female victims of intimate partner violence, a current or former boyfriend or girlfriend victimized 94% of victimes between the ages of 16-19.

Globally, the numbers only get worse, with one in every three women being raped, sexually assaulted, sodomized, battered by a husband, boyfriend, a friend of the family, or a date in their lifetime.

Unfortunately, some women will experience the abuse throughout their lifetime; and I say that only because many women will simply not be able to escape the abuser, and he will eventually murder her.

Not very many of the abusers/murderers will be prosecuted due to factors that will be explained in upcoming posts.

So, what of the cost and who’s paying for it? If you are a tax payer, you are.

Some reports place the total annual price tag for violence against women at over five billion dollars per year just to heal the wounds caused by violence against women. Over four billion of that number is just for medical costs. And, that is just accounting for the women who seek medical help.

Many, many women either choose not to seek medical help, while many others are not permitted, by the abuser, to seek medical help. I mentioned some women are not able to escape their abuser(s), and that’s simply because they are literally held captive in some manner.

This well documented, researched fact is one that most Americans simply don’t want to acknowledge, or simply don’t want to be concerned with. That is, of course, not until it affects them personally.

For within our cities, and we’re talking within virtually every major city in the country, and a great number of lesser cities and even rural communities, there exist a totally unseen, out of sight, out of mind female population living in total, true bondage in every sense of the word.

The exact number of these enslaved women, ranging from pre-teens up, is unknown. Some put the U.S. numbers at tens of thousands, but that is probably a conservative estimation. Globally, the numbers go as high as the millions.

But again, these women don’t factor into the cost issue; they are not treated for the brutality they endure. When they succumb to their rape and torture, they are simply discarded in some manner.

So back to the cost, because that five billion price tag is only the cost of medical, psychological counseling, et cetera, et cetera. There is a lot more money lost due to violence against women.

You see, women miss an estimated eight million work days every year because they are battered so badly they physically, medically can not show up.

Eight million work days of missed work, in case you were wondering, equates roughly to some two billion dollars worth of lost pay. And, two billion dollars of lost pay translates to just about thirty-two thousand full-time jobs.

Now, I don’t care if you’re in middle school student struggling with Algebra, a high school student sitting in a pre-Calc course, or a first year finance student at prestigious college or university, those numbers, in today’s nose-diving economy, cannot be ignored.

Even a self-proclaimed economic genius vying for the Presidency of the United States has to acknowledge the issue is significant. Yet, not one politician, not one candidate for any office, at any level will raise this issue in any conversation, interview, debate.

Incidentally, with this post, I intend to address the presidential candidates for the upcoming election why this issue is categorically ignored.

You see, while our illustrious politicians, male and female, even our sitting President and legislators will mock object at the human rights violations of other countries, while they will smile broadly as they take advantage of the photo opportunities with the Malalas of the world, they, themselves, are repress, subjugate, and deny human rights to American women and girls.

This is what we call hypocrites. But, how can that be? More importantly, why would that be?

The answers to both those questions are as incomprehensible as they are ridiculous and will be dealt with in depth in a forthcoming post.

For now, let’s look at yet another way violence against women is costly.

You see, speaking of incomprehensibility, when a woman is beaten, especially in her own home, by her significant other, alleged partner, an episode society dubs as domestic violence, it is she who typically has to flee for protection and treatment.

She has to grab what she can, swoop up the kids, if there are any and typically there are, and run.

Now you may be asking, where does a woman beaten and battered, black and blue, probably with no money, under the threat of being hunted down and killed, her children under that same threat run to?

She can’t run to family. She’ll only endanger them as well. She can’t run to friends; they typically have no desire to become involved, or more typically, simply don’t know how to help her. She can’t stay at a hospital; they are a for profit entity; they need to clear the bed for the next inbound battered woman.

No, the battered, beaten, hurting woman has limited choices as to where to run. Sadly, far to many of them simply remain on the streets. In a city such as San Diego, where it is reported that some 50% of homeless women are the result of domestic violence, this means more danger.

On the streets, women face more abuse and exploitation.

Many women, if she seeks proper medical care, and the reporting is completed correctly, she could end up in inadequate, underfunded, overcrowded shelters, typically run by overextended county social services. Operating a shelter can run up into the millions per year, therefore, most shelters are under funded, and under staffed. Considering many of these shelters find themselves twenty five percent over capacity, sometime the battered woman has to accept whatever is available.

In one twenty four hour period recorded, over fifty three thousand battered women were serviced. Over seven thousand were turned away due to lack of space.

Just so you understand the lunacy of this issue, the woman should not have to leave. The abuser has a place waiting for him. A place where he can cool off. A place where he will be welcomed and comforted, and coddled, fed and bedded in a warm spot for the night. It’s called the country jail.

In closing this post, I will simply reiterate the undeniable fact that violence against women is a costly pandemic issue that must be addressed immediately by politicians.

Why politicians? Because it’s the politicians who legislate women’s rights, restrict their health care, and deny them equal justice under our constitution.

Thank you for reading,and I hope you come back for the next post in this series in which I will explain why it is men believe they are superior to women.

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