The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part VII: Bang bang, you’re dead!)

EBH has abandoned reality.

For how else can one describe the incomprehensible, the unfathomable, the inconceivable folly this miniscule speck of microbial matter undertakes?

How else can one explain his self-centered, self-focused, self-gratifying decision that will in fact negatively affect millions upon millions of EBHs, generations over centuries?

Blinded by self-adoration, this stumbling knuckle dragging, ugh mumbling buffoon, this inconsequent ant scurrying about the surface of an obscure space rock, itself a purposeless speck of space dust, floating, spinning, locked in a monotonous orbit around one of millions of yellow stars, literally signs away, forever, any semblance of peace and prosperity for every EBH, for all time.

Arrogance. Narcissism. But more damning, disillusionment now condemns, not the rock, but those creatures, every one of them, to a virtual hell.

For now we find, not one, but a slew of these specks of walking, talking space dust, in their tiny, squeaky little voices, boldly proclaiming themselves kings, tsars, emperors, presidents, rulers of every conceivable title, for life.

As explained previously, that impressive sounding “for life” clause, in the case of most of these masters of an existence they still could not explain, much less dominate, did not actually translate into many rotations and/or orbits. This primarily due to the fact that the list of perspective kings, tsars, emperors, presidents, all masters of the rock in waiting, was long and distinguished.

But let’s consider also the streets, for we, of course, cannot exclude those poor, dumb, ignorant masses, those hordes of lovable gullible, (also) tiny specks of walking, talking space dust, most readily bowing and kneeling, most curtsying obediently, most readily accepting every fabricated word of declared entitlement and privileges by whomever stood before them, without question.

Yes, it’s true; the political apathy of the EBH on the street has not changed much through the eons.

Those EBHs that displayed a functioning conscious? Those that expressed reservations (at any level) regarding the ascending ruler for life? Those that, truly grounded in reality and sensibility, gave a damn about humanity? The rights of the citizen? A level of equality and fairness?

These EBHs, of course, were quickly identified, charged with treason and/or sedition and thrown into the deepest, darkest dungeon of the castle; many others were not that lucky, or maybe I should say, not that unfortunate. For they were simply beheaded in the public square.

Execution of one’s opponent in the public square was just another aspect of archaic political theater, another ploy that has not changed in many “civilized” countries.

This crude, but highly efficient method of eliminating a seditious foe served/serves well on two counts for those in power. First, it did/does in fact rid the kingdom of a treasonous, bastard, but it was/is also a highly effective way of quieting other upstarts contemplating a move against the new tyrant, dictator, or fuhrer.

Before moving on allow me to clarify something. Before the kingdoms evolved, before nations and even provinces became the thing, there existed only the formative, basic, no frills tribes.

And it would be foolish for anyone (even me) to assume that, even back then, tribal members did not squabble amongst each other, with members of neighboring tribes, say, at the well, on the grazing grounds, at the monthly panchanga, over a curvaceous Lilith. And it would be even sillier to assume these confrontations did not, on occasion, escalate to fist to cuffs altercations, and certainly an unfortunate death or two.

I believe I’ve made it clear, EBHs could and would fall over dead, at any time for a myriad of reasons ranging from a case of congenital heart disease to being stabbed in that heart by a jealous boyfriend; but, with the establishment of massive kingdoms and nations, EBH was about to cease to exist in impressive numbers.

For each of the mighty bite size rulers scuttled about marking off, claiming, declaring sectors of the rock as their exclusive real estate until there was no more land to claim; those with kingdoms along shorelines extended their dominance far beyond their beachfront, claiming rights to huge portions of oceans and seas.

But, that was just the beginning of EBH’s adopted, confusing philosophy of isolationism based on ignorance and fear.

After the establishment of this border, the rulers next commissioned massive, formidable, indestructible, metal encased armies to not only defend said border, but also breech the borders of other kingdoms.

Because, if there was one trait all kings, tsars, emperors, presidents, rulers of every conceivable title shared in common, it was the desire to gain more property for their kingdom, more slaves for their nobleman landowners, and more gold and silver for himself; of course, acquiring a new queen, or at least a fresh concubine was always a plus.

Needless to say, it was on across the rock.

Incredibly, each of the narrow minded rulers actually believed then (as they all still believe now), that theirs was a duly recognized and respected sovereign kingdom, and that they and their citizens were safe behind their well defined borders and gates.

They naively believed this because remember, EBH has abandoned reality, and now soundly resides in La La Land. But, you and I, being firmly set in reality, knowledgeable of multiple, irrefutable historical events, know well that simply was not the case.

We know boundaries and borders are abstract. We know in the real world, in the rational world, that scratch in the sand, made with a twig, did not a border make. (Go up a couple of miles and see how many fences and declared borders you can count.)

 We know no matter how many packs are forged, how many treaties are signed, how many truths are agreed to, the time gained only allowed for, provided for more planning for a greater offensive. 

We know this only because we have witnessed it happen continuously through the ages. No matter how EBH fortifies that scratch, defends it, verbally forbids, defies all other EBHs from crossing it, invariably, some arrogant, greedy, war mongering ass will not only walk up to his scratch, not only cross over it, but cross over and proceed to rape, pillage, and plunder at will.

It is a well documented, historical EBH fact, no matter the efforts taken to maintain control over kingdoms nations, territories, all will soon enough fall in ashes. (Need a current visual? Google the modern cities of Aleppo and Mosul.)

And so it was, EBH’s landscape had changed once again as marauding bands of warriors and bandits, most dispatched by greedy, powerful kings, roamed the rock, ravaging everything and anything in their path, spilling the blood of millions upon millions of innocent EBHs.

The names of the kings toppled? To many to name here. The names of their kingdoms? Inconsequential, at least for this work.

What one needs to take away from this is, global cooperation, collaboration, mutual agreements (fledgling that they may have been) were out the proverbial window. Life on the rock had evolved to he who builds the greater army rules, and he who rules~well, gets to rule until someone bigger and stronger comes along; and, someone always eventually comes along.

While some alliances were formed, these were no guarantee to a successful campaign to the whole divide and conquer mentality.

Before I offer some examples, legitimizing my statement, a few words about the life and death of an EBH.

As stated earlier, on conception, or soon their after, it is highly probable that an EBH, while yet in the developmental stage, becomes consciously aware of their state of being; their existence. Researchers continue to document children recalling events and memories from the womb.  This learning, listening, and absorbing is existentialism at it’s purist form; in fact, the ultimate baseline of human existence.

At this point, it falls to the parents as to whether the developing EBH will benefit from a fact based education, built on unadulterated truths, the good and the absolutely despicable, an education on which the child can build a strong, meaningful, purposeful, reality based life, or simply adhere to the status quo practice of bombarding the child with the fabricated, fictionalized, embellished, fairytale bullshit version of life, suitable only for having ones child falling in line with the rest of the zombotic (yeah, that’s my word) morons. For those who believe the true education of babies falls to state educational systems, uh, no. For those who believe the government mandated educational curricula is for the benefit of the individual, welcome to Utopia; and, please do not remove your blinders.

But something else begins for the EBH at conception, at the commencement of living, and that, of course, is the process of dying; the termination of the life just begun.

For as also stated earlier, everything, absolutely every creature that consciously awakens to an existence on the rock (any creature that enjoys sight, hearing, and voice are considered to possess consciousness), every species, great and small, predator or prey, walking, crawling, flying or swimming, will, at some point, fall dormant once again, will cease to be.

Now, here is where the influence of misguided Aristotle wannabe philosophers and conniving, false hearted religious extremists fundamentalists shaman corrupt the life process.

School boy philosophers only regurgitate what they were assigned to read in classrooms; for there is no knowledge, only archaic published creative writing.

As for shaman, virtually all of them, declare the act of conception as a immaculate miracle by the hand of their almighty mythological god, for this defines their trade; they contend death, the act of ceasing to exist, is some kind of judgment day of sorts, the day the EBH will face his maker and account for how, and why, he lived the way he did on the rock.

This in and of itself is why most (certainly not all) EBHs actually fear ceasing to exist, this is why they dread exhaling that final breath; judgment day is touted, instilled by the shaman, very effectively, as we’ll soon enough learn, into the minds of gullible EBHs, as some kind of mumbo jumbo spiritual event finding the soul (the conscious) floating  (I presume), to the infamous Pearly Gates.

It is here, at the gates, where each and every EBH will one day stand, before the keeper of The Book, the log, the record into which every Earthbound act, good and evil, just and unjust, chaste and downright gravity defying animalistic, has been duly documented. 

It is here that the EBH’s life will be biblically scrutinized, in it’s absolute entirety.

Getting a little nervous? There’s more.

For depending on the outcome of said review (it’s unknown if one can employ legal representation or not), the EBH soul will either be granted passage through the gates to Heaven, the ultimate paradise, or rejected and referred instead to the darker gates of Hell.

Please note, while Heaven is a blissful paradise, the proverbial land of milk and honey, Hell is a grossly, despicable place where the disobedient, sinful EBH’s soul will be tortured for all eternity by the hideous, evil of the most evil, the dreaded “I’ll be here all week,” former Archangel Lucifer (a.k.a., Satan, a.k.a a lot of other names, depending on the organized religion).

Sad sack Lucifer (a character of unprecedented Hollywood fame, actually created by Italian Franciscan Priest, and early creative writer of horror stories, Ludovico Maria Sinistrari), is scripted as having been expelled from Heaven for raising an army and trying to topple the king, a.k.a., God (scenario sound familiar?).

Whilst all that makes for great reading, and even better Hollywood action packed movies, we are going to stick with simple irrefutable facts. Facts that explain clearly and concisely that EBH existence is, in reality, but a mundane, simplistic biochemical, physiological process. (Sorry, no car chases involved, no exploding buildings, or crashing airliners.)

Let me begin with a snippet of cardiac embryology; because you see, before the expectant female EBH even knows she is pregnant, within her womb a tiny semblance of a human heart has taken it’s first beat. This tiny, tiny heart begins its rhythmic delivery of oxygen and nutrients to, not only to itself, but to other developing organs and systems.

Construction of the EBH fetus is in progress.

Now consider this, before an EBH exhales his last breath, at whatever point in his life that occurs, that same heart has ceased to beat.

The exhalation of the last breath, what is generally accepted by most as the point of death, is actually nothing more than the lifeless lungs collapsing within the chest cavity, forcing any remaining air out by way of the trachea.

This is the next point of EBH existence where shaman corrupt the life process.

EBHs are told the corpse of their dearly departed must be handled in a sanctimonious way, prayed over, mourned over, dressed up, made up, encased in a ornamented casket, and buried in a proper, consecrated plot: a cemetery, conveniently provided by the shaman’s religious order (for a nominal fee, of course). And, while none of this is necessarily bad, that is if you don’t consider the financial burden placed on the grieving family, as the average cost of burying a loved one is roughly eight thousand dollars (and rising), and that is for the basic package, not including entertainment, food and whatnot for mourners, it is simply unnecessary, and in reality, counterproductive, for the departed EBH that is.

Allow me to throw a curious point in before moving on. Curious because self-absorbed, egotistical, arrogant, ignorant EBH habitually stands staring up at a bunch of rocks, floating aimlessly through a space, a void of nothingness and seriously, honestly, sincerely asks, “Am I alone?” As he does this for the umpteenth time, there is a resounding chorus of laughter (inaudible to his inferior hearing), as every other life form surrounding him cracks up. Some of those life forms actually waiting patiently just for him. Read on.

Because in truth is, the process of EBH existence does not end with the ceasing of the heart, with the exhalation of breath. Actually, in reality, the exhalation of trapped air from lifeless lungs only signals the commencement of the next phase of EBH existence.

For an important transformation has begun.

On the ceasing of the beating of the heart, on the ceasing of the circulation of oxygen enriched blood, on the ceasing of the nourishment of cells, the tissue, the matter that, up to this point, has comprised the EBH’s physical body, begins a biochemical-physiological change; a simple process commonly referred to as decomposition.

You see, every EBH, every kings, tsar, emperor, president, all masters of the rock, past, present, and yet to rise, every nobleman and every slave, every woman, every child, of every color, religion, and tongue is nothing more than a collection of the very same minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats (typically amounting to about four grams in total weight); oh yes, and lots of water. The EBH body is roughly 65% water.

An important and almost always overlooked fact: All EBHs are biologically identical. 

So, considering this, on ceasing to exist as a walking talking EBH (stick with me here), with the physical body no longer required, all those elements that composed the EBH frame simply return to their true astrological, pure state of existence, whence they came.

This constitutes the second occurrence of absolute existentialism.

Essentially, other lifeforms existing on the rock, move to act biologically on behalf of EBH, assisting in his transformation. The water within him simply evaporates back into the atmosphere, while a literal army of creatures, some in the form of bacteria, aerobic and anaerobic, either already existing within the EBH, or existing in the soil, nematode worms and plenty of blowflies, some helpful fungi, all these Earthbound creatures work meticulously, in unison, on EBH’s corpse, effectively reducing the now useless mass of tissue back to his natural individual properties; many EBHs simply, but affectionately, refer to this as returning to dust or ash.

What has actually happened is, the physical aspect of EBH has transitioned into the next phase of existence, and, in doing so, now truly becomes one with his floating space rock, now truly becoming one with the universe.

Ironically, what EBH spends his whole life, his whole Earthbound existence searching for, is in reality his final destination. He is home, no starship, no intergalactic travel required. And perhaps the true message here is, EBH should stop staring up and out, caring about what’s out there, and focus more on, not only what’s within himself, on the state of his own existence,  but on the state of his rock.

But there is one more transition which has taken place, the transition of the conscious. The very essence of life, that magical mystical presence within each and every EBH, that baffling conglomeration of all those twenty something senses, sight and sound, hearing and taste, pain and suffering, love. Every emotion every EBH experiences in his oh so brief walk on the rock: life. The conscious, the one aspect of that life no one, not one physician, not one scientist, not one shaman can explain, will never be able to explain.

Simply stated, the transition of the EBH conscious is of no concern to the living. But if in fact the measure of an EBH life is based on the wear and tear evidenced on the conscious (yes, I’m being facetious), I’m absolutely certain many will be classified as “good as new,” or “rarely used.”

I explained that nothing leaves the rock, ever. All those millions upon millions upon millions of not only EBHs, but all creatures that have ceased to exist, are still upon the rock, just in their new state of existence.

And this is where I will divert from facts and interject an opinion, for having personally lost so many precious loved ones, some to mere aging, others to diseases, and one to senseless violence, I can certainly understand an EBH’s family wishing to preserve the physical body of a loved one; wishing to preserve tissue through embalming and encasement in a beautiful (expensive) casket. But, in reality, while all helps the family and friends deal with the loss, this only hinders and delays the transition process of the dearly departed to that next, important phase of existence.

The remains of all EBHs should be allowed to transition as quickly as possible into their new state. On average, a cadaver  (body) can take up to 12 years just to transition to the skeleton stage; and that’s being buried in a simple wood (not hard wood) casket, and that’s also without embalming (embalming preserves tissue). Of course, anything above and beyond this only extends the transition process, and depending on the level of intervention, could prevent the EBH body from completely transitioning at all. 

Again, I can totally understand the whole grief thing, but I also know, and believe me when I say this, shaman know nothing of what follows life; they only know how to spew, like the great philosophers, what some nut job before them has scribbled in a psychotic and/or drunken stupor. Of course there are those who make a damn good living at it. (Check the checking account balance of your favorite organized religion  and/or televangelist personality.)

Their fabricated stories of the alleged afterlife are but embellished recantations of fairytales concocted by the likes of Tertullian and Sinistrari, creative writers both. Their false mythological rants, warning, and threats bear no truth, and blatantly counter reality; for if there were truly a judgment day coming, they themselves would be high tailing it through the woods in hiding.

Okay, back to verifiable facts and reality.

EBH has effectively shifted into not only to a self-destructive phase, but a phase that will find him committing the most outrageous atrocities imaginable. He will not only kill for land, and gold, and power, he will kill for fun.

EBH will begin to kill, and never stop; the sword will be in his hand, the blood will stain his clothing, but as he carries out his dastardly deeds, he will boldly bellow, “for the glory of God,” “in God’s name,” and “may God give us strength.” Of course, for men clad in armor, from head to toe, bearing shields and armed with swords, mounted on hearty steeds, also armored, they really didn’t need God’s help in slaughtering defenseless villagers and tribesmen, especially the women and children.

The next part of this series, the final part, will focus exclusively on what historians call the Inquisitions and Crusades; I feel the need to separate these from the acts of war. I believe you will understand why after reading. 

My point at this juncture is simply, EBH has descended to a monstrous stage, in fact, his present phase of existence, or more aptly stated, non-existence.

And now some examples of EBH at war.

I will begin with what can only be a classic example of irony, sad that it may be. For the first recorded war was The Battle of Kadesh. This battle (territorial) took place in 1273 B.C.E., in a sector of the rock known as Syria.

The irony? In 2017 C.E., a war is raging in a sector of the rock known as Syria.

Well, needless to say war has raged ever since (and, as stated earlier, I’m pretty sure even before 1273 B.C.E.), over every conceivable reason. And let it suffice it to said the loss of EBH lives as a result of all the fighting is not only incalculable, but incomprehensible.

I specify due to the fighting only because the collateral loss of life was/is always equally staggering.

This count includes deaths of civilians, women and children, elderly, non-combatants in whatever form they happened to present.

I use the term collateral loss of life, but other writers have used other terms to describe the perpetrators of these often not so accidental massive events, terms like murder, genocide, slaughter, extermination, butchery, massacre, and holocaust.

Some quick examples.

First,  the most infamous, most recognizable personality associated with mass  murder, peace time or war, the notorious Adolf Hitler and his Nazi forces. This wannabe king of the rock is credited with over six million non-combatant deaths, mostly Jewish citizens, as it was his goal to eradicate the Jews off the face of the rock. His methods for accomplishing his kills are the stuff of nightmares. Keep in mind the Jewish kills are only Jewish kills, for there were certainly an undetermined number of other kills.

Next, Pol Pot, the madman Cambodian dictator who led his Khmer Rouge forces against his own people; he reportedly killed some one point five (plus) million, farmers, women and children, burying them in mass graves in the infamous Killing Fields. A quick side note to Pol Pot’s murderous rage, because often it’s asked, “How do these crazies come into power?” Well, here’s a great example, and no, this will not be in your American or World History textbooks.

In 1969, as the Vietnam War raged in Southeast Asia, then President Richard Nixon, and his National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, conducted a top secret (rogue) military campaign against the then neutral Cambodian government. Nixon ordered what is commonly referred to as carpet bombing of the Cambodian jungles. Carpet bombing because it is reputed that American B-52 bombers dropped over 100 thousand tons of bombs on the country’s villages, and people. When the bombings stopped in 1970, a ground invasion ensued. The results were (estimated), over seven million Cambodians dead, with an estimated two million more missing. Thanks to Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger, the Cambodian landscape was devastated, the government was in shambles, the President ousted; the country was in absolute turmoil. That is until out of the jungle, in a disciplined military formation, soldiers marched onto the streets of Phnom Penh, led by a young, calm and collected Pol Pot. The people, seeing these Cambodian defenders rise from the aftermath of hell, initially rejoiced; but the revelry did not last even a day, as this Khmer Rouge immediately set to it’s own butchery and torture.

Third case, Chairman Mao Tse Sung, China’s savior and master mind of the infamous, “Great Leap Forward.” Chairman Mao did not march out of a jungle, he assumed the leadership of China, under the Communist Movement, after a bitter (and bloody) post World War II rebellion fought against the powerful, but declining Nationalist Party. Mao was attempting to model his New China after Stalin’s Soviet Union, but things did not work out that way. Instead of becoming a leader for the people, Mao’s doctrines and policies and politics resulted in the deaths of over 45 million Chinese citizens in some four years.

Okay, one more and, while the foregoing has offered data covering years, months, wars, this case begins with hours and minutes, and extends through decades. I speak of course of the bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Then President Harry S. Truman, is the culprit in this case, as he is the EBH who ordered the bombings, on advisement from staff. On August 6, 1945, the first ever atomic bomb was delivered via the now infamous Enola Gay, a state of the art Boeing B-29 Superfortress, to the city of Hiroshima. It is estimated that some 80 thousand Japanese citizens died instantly. Three days later, a second B-29, the Boxcar, delivered a second atomic bomb to the city of Nagasaki, instantly killing an estimated 40 thousand Japanese citizens.

Of course, the immediate deaths are gross estimations considering those citizens within the proximity of ground zero were vaporized, the city reduced to ruins. And, the total number of deaths attributed to radiation poisoning and other related injuries, will never truly be known. 

In all these examples, I’m stating that perpetrators killed, which is true; but, in actuality, all these EBHs, and so, so many others, not only killed their victims, but did so in horrendous ways, for incomprehensible reasons. Truman allegedly dropped his atomic bombs on Japanese citizens, non-combatants, elderly, women and children, as a show of force, a warning, to Stalin and the Soviet Union. In most all other cases, such as with Hitler’s Nazis, and Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, victims were first horribly tortured, physically mutilated, disemboweled, while yet alive, experimented on, no matter old, women, young children, infants.

Now, having shared those unfortunately all to common examples, for there are many, many more, a final word on the subject of collateral casualties and the EBHs responsible.

I will begin by stating, one would be hard pressed to find a leader, that while engaged in some level of conflict, whether that conflict pitted him against another world leader, or his own people, that did not commit some level of atrocity against the innocent.

The truth is, every country engaged in warfare is guilty of war crimes, in fact, guilty of horrendous (as if there were any other kind) crimes against humanity. The matter comes down to concealment, doctoring of evidence. The evidence against Chairman Mao was under military guard until just recently. The evidence against Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, concealed under the label “Top Secret.”

EBH has evolved into the proverbial killing machine. But, his best work is yet to come.
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The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part VI: “Bring Out Your Dead!”)

Well, we’re at that part of the story; the tradegy part. The part when everything goes to hell in a handbasket for EBH. The part when he drives the bus over the cliff (intentionally). When he crosses a line he will never be able to retract from. The part where he aims his Titanic towards the iceberg; yes, aims, for the direction he chooses is no accident.

Beyond the obvious, this is tragic because, up to this point, EBH has managed to not only survive, but actually advance his societies to a reasonable state of tranquility and stability.

Not bad for a former “ugh, ugh” knuckle dragger.

For make no mistake, life on the rock has been, is now, always will be challenging to be sure. In his short walk so far, EBH has not only been threatened (constantly) by wild, hungry, predatory beasts of every description, at every turn, he has also had to endure (unceasing) catastrophic environmental changes that decimate his fledgling communities, villages, and entire regions.

More disheartening than property damage, is the loss of millions and millions of EBH lives to these events, these natural disasters.

Long term events, such as droughts, with their resulting famines, are responsible for the deaths of untold numbers due to starvation, dehydration, emaciation, and incubation of diseases, just as they continue to do so today.

Glacial periods, the infamous Ice Ages, made the land unsurvivable, forcing EBH to seek warmer parts of the Rock. Interglacial periods, the warm periods, like the present, resulted in extensive plain floods, forcing EBH to seek higher, dryer grounds.

Everything EBH had acquired, established, built, created, including his homes, roads, buildings were then, are now, and will be tomorrow, wiped away as if they never were.

Some of the more frightening events were surely the violent shifting of his Rock’s plates tectonic. The shifting of these plates (in theory) resulted, as they still do, in massive earthquakes, evoking the eruption of volcanoes, which spew incinerating moultan lava, lava that obliterates all in it’s path.

Strong earthquakes, epicenters deep on ocean floors, result in tsunamis, tidal waves, which wash entire coastal communities to sea.

For the irrefutable truth held firm then, as it does now; EBH is, will always be, not only anatomically and  physiologically fragile, but emotionally frail. This was so obvious, a wise EBH once commented that only those EBHs with strong consciences, those with the will to survive, would.

The physically weak, more importantly, the emotionally weak, those EBHs who could not achieve personal independence, for whatever reason, much less maintain control of their own conscious being, were at a high risk for death.

Those who could not grasp the reality of being, achieving even the most basic level of existentialism, would, in some way, at some point, fall prey to stronger, quicker, faster thinking, more conniving, manipulating predators, EBH and otherwise.

For stronger, more confident, faster thinking EBHs quickly learned, the weaker, more gullible EBHs could easily be exploited; they could be conned out of possessions and funds. Worse, they could easily be subjugated, coerced and threatened into compliance and servitude (slavery).

The practice of identifying, classifying, and categorizing EBHs from birth, into their “rightful” designated social status, be it aristocracy or slavery, became the foundation for global social structure.

The justification? The sources? The authorities cited for such deep, philosophical, social designation and labeling of human life? Why the nonsense scribbled of self-proclaimed “philosophers” of course.

For the creative writers never slept, and their continued production of sophisticated, mind numbing glib flourished, readily accepted by Kings and peasants alike as unquestionable, irrefutable truths.

Even today, the likes of Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato, archaic, self-proclaimed philosophers that they were, are still revered, are still hailed, lauded as the “fathers” of modern humanity and community, of much of our governing politics.

In truth, these dinosaur sages of human existence and pseudo-existentialism, were simply EBHs, no different from any other with the exception that they could read and write a coherent sentence. But, they, and so many others that would follow, became to the ignorant, iconic figures, never to be questioned, never to be doubted, never to be challenged.

If these philosophers accomplished anything, they effectively damned EBH forever, embrazing political bias, prejudice, misogynistic and racial hatred into their gullible minds as a matter of social principle, a principle that would upset society, not define it.

This establishment of class, of privilege and stature, the creation of the elite, changed the social horizon forever. And this was ever so evident during difficult times.

During forced migratory periods, periods when displaced EBH’s were in desperate survival mode, having political control over food and water, as well as safe shelter, benefited this elite. This, of course, only served to create dangerous, rebellious sub-cultures that would, not surprisingly, create new walls and social barriers, soundly mortared with animosity and disdain.

But, there’s more. 

For, as if starvation and dehydration and pestilence wasn’t enough, the physically weak, emaciated EBH was highly susceptible to a myriad of diseases and maladies.

Droughts did not only result in starvation and dehydration, inhaled dust from dried out fields could carry fungi which could result in the development of respiratory diseases, like Valley Fever (Coccidiodomycosis).

But a more clear and present danger was the close quarter living resulting from mass migration to urban settings. Tenement buildings packed beyond capacity,  inadequate to non-existent sewage systems, poor garbage collection, and questionable potable water delivery systems equated to ticking time bombs.

The unsanitary conditions people were forced to live in were life threatening in themselves; when certain strains of viruses and bacterium were introduced, large cities essentially turned into proverbial death camps.

Important note. EBH eventually learned to build sailing vessels. This led to Kings and Queens, Emperors, Tsars, and Sultans, essentially everybody and their brother with money, ordered those ships to set sail across the oceans (hoping their Rock wasn’t really flat).

This age of exploration/discovery resulted in lucrative trade markets with the West–China, Japan, and Mexico, just to name a few. One of the most desired items being imported was Chinese silk.

But the dispatching and receiving of merchant ships was a double edged sword. For along with the coveted silk, the fine porcelain, and Japanese samurai blades, vermin infested with their own cargo were also sailing back on those ships. 

No, I’m not talking about the sailors, although they did in fact bring back some interesting things of their own; I’m talking of the notorious Asian black rats and their cargo of disease carrying fleas.

Even if the rats succumbed to the fleas at sea, as often was the case, the fleas then sought out the human passengers and crew, not only ensuring their survival, but effectively transferring communicable diseases that would in turn be passed along once ashore.

The results could, and in many cases did evolve into full blown pandemics and epidemics. The most infamous, and deadliest of the pandemics being the bubonic plague, The Black Death.

Other diseases, like Cholera, bacterium Vibrio cholerae, contracted through contaminated food, water, and unsanitary conditions and practices, like not washing one’s hands frequently, especially after defecation, may easily, in the long run, top the body count of the Black Death, but only because cholera is the disease that keeps on killing. It’s not your typical epidemic/plague; that is to say, it has no distinct beginning, and it still claims, on average, 150 thousand EBH lives every year.

So, let’s review, 200 million EBH dead with one sweep due to bubonic plague; 150 thousand more dead every year due to cholera, and, we’re not even factoring in the incalculable deaths attributed to smallpox, measles, HIV, H1N1, and the slew of other viruses and bacterium that raged, and still rage upon highly susceptible EBH.

But let’s go back to the Black Death for a second, for this efficient killer, like cholera, never truly goes away.

Bacterium Yersinia pesti was first (officially) recorded in Constantinople (Byzantine Empire), in 541 BCE. It has been recorded many times since, each time claiming many, many lives.

In the early 1300s, it surfaced in China (Central Asia), and it was there, in about the mid-1300s, that sailors transporting cargo collected along The Silk Road (more on The Silk Road later), allegedly also transported Asian black rats infested with Yersinia pesti carrying fleas to Europe (via Sicily). I say allegedly only because there is still debate today as to whether the Black Rat is the rightful culprit.

Irregardless of how the bacterium made it to Europe, the ensuing Black Death pandemic (1346-1353), spread throughout Europe like wildfire; again, attributed with somewhere between 100 and 200 million lives throughout Europe.

The daily death count was such, wagons were wheeled through the city streets, with a cryer calling out to residents, “Bring out your dead!” Those EBHs that had succumbed to the Black Death during the night were carried out and tossed onto the wagon, simply tossed on top of all the other bodies.

The Black Death/Plague is still referred to as the single most deadliest pandemic/epidemic in EBH history.

But, we’re not done killing EBH yet, oh no. His already weary walk on Mother Rock was further riddled with yet more disparaging obstacles and personal challenges.

For EBH was not (is not) a perfect species by any stretch of the imagination. This is clearly evidenced by the multitude of genetically transferred (hereditary) conditions, including debilitating physical deformities and incapacitating cognitive deficiencies.

These conditions not only challenged EBH families, but entire community.

Sadly, as an effect (I’m sure) of the “great philosophers” master classifications and categorization system for all EBHs born onto the Rock, these unfortunate souls were seen as “burdens on society.” Considered unreachable, unteachable misfits, far to many were literally incarcerated in public sanitariums and mental institutions; and no, they did not receive five star care.

This was especially true, and in fact still is true of EBHs afflicted with Hansen’s disease, bacterium Mycobacterium leprae. This contagious disease affects an EBH’s peripheral nerves, skin, upper respiratory tract, eyes, and nasal mucosa (the lining of the nose), EBHs afflicted leprosy were/are placed in isolated colonies, homes, or institutions.
It actually wasn’t until recently that EBH children (and adults) living with physical and cognitive disabilities were provided formal educations, job training, and employment opportunities.

Sadly, in some EBH communities today, these individuals are still segregated and denied equal treatment and privileges. 

And so, despite all his dreams and aspirations of ascending to the position of Grand Poobah; despite yearning to be accepted as the perfect EBH specimen, worthy of becoming the glorified ruler of all civilizations on the Rock. Despite his assertions of being indestructible, living and ruling for all eternity, existing even beyond death, EBH could not escape one nagging fact. 

No; despite all his lofty claims, EBH could not escape the fact that he could, and often did, drop dead in his tracks without warning, escape the fact that he could cease to exist just as quickly as he had come to be, never to be seen or heard from again (with the exception of being “kept alive” through folklore, tall-tales, urban legends, and creepy songs).

With the ever growing number of tribes globally, expanding civilizations, environmental and biological calamities, increasing competition for food and fresh water, despite incomprehensible rising death tolls, EBH incredibly elects to shifts from a position of mutual cooperation and beneficial alliances with brother EBHs, abandoning dialogues that promote global unity and survival, and assumes a position of growing arrogance, and essentially, selfishness.

But, there was more.

Early in this series, I described EBH as a terminally frightened simpleton; while he did initially fumble and flounder, he was able to achieve and prosper, establishing himself as positive entity on the rock.

It actually seemed he was connecting with, acknowledging his consciousness, coming to accept his reality and seriously focusing on his here and now.

But, no. He only reverted back to the terminally frightened simpleton, allowing himself to be distracted. He allowed himself to be fooled by fictitious, mythological tall-tales spewed with false authority by conniving creative writers. He allowed himself to be suckered by the slicked hair Shaman, preaching from their lofty pulpits, selling their cartoon character supernatural spirits, demons, and gods. Their false, albeit convincing , influence effectively, easily driving EBH to a terminal state of delusion.

And so, once again, and pretty much for the final time, stranding at the proverbial pivotal crossroads, EBH makes the greatest bonehead decision in the history of bonehead decisions.

Instead of electing to dedicate his existence in continued service to his fellow EBH, to the advancement of community and state, instead of electing to be a responsible custodian to his only hope for continued survival, his sustaining rock, instead of making the right choice, EBH unbelievably opts to walk away from everything he, and all  before him have struggled for, everything they have sacrificed for, everything countless have died for, leaves it all behind in quest of, in anticipation of, adorning himself in glistening trinkets, dining in grand palaces, and publishing volumes in personal glory and conquest.

In actuality, EBH incredibly chooses to totally abandon reality. He ignores the fact that his rock is simply that, a rock, floating, spinning, locked in a monotonous orbit around a blazing, dying star. He ignores the glaring fact that everything he knows as “truths” in life, he has in fact fabricated, like his own fantastic, creatively scripted genesis, and his crude concept of “time.” He ignores the fact that he can, and does, fall over dead from little more than the common cold, not to mention sharp objects in the hands of other (angry) EBHs.

EBH effectively shucks all to instead embrace a fictitious, ridiculous, almost comical mythology based entity that would prove far more costly in terms of lives than any Black Death, far more costly in terms of property loss than the most powerful, catastrophic tsunami or earthquake.

EBH would embrace, tolerate, support a growing cult built on a foundation of deceit and treachery, and in doing so would bring upon himself, and every EBH on the Rock, unspeakable horror; a horror of such magnitude, of such unconscionable inhumane acts, a black shroud of death would, and still does, cover every nation, every tribe.

With one decision, EBH lost his advantage in life.  With one decision, EBH gave away his Rock, and the consequences became immediately evident.

EBH not only still feared the unknown, the unseen, above and below him, he came to cower in fear before the very evil incarnate he invited into his gates. Evil, that like the Black Death, like Cholera, began to kill, and has not stopped since.

EBH has started to lock his doors and shutter his windows. He has started to build his walls, lock his gates against this Death. But posting of guards isn’t enough. Adopting a philosophy of territorialism and isolationism isn’t enough, for like the bubonic plague, like cholera, this Death will never truly go away.

No, EBH is no longer in control of his Rock; he has been reduced to a spectator. He has no voice. He has no function except to watch and wait for death to arrive. 

EBH no longer has the privilege of being content, or not being content.

(This work contains/may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of the topic discussed in the article. This constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. I have provided a Work Cited page listing all sites read and utilized in some way in production of this series. Please visit that page as needed. If you are the copyright owner of any work utilized verbatim, and would like this content removed from, please contact me.)

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy,  Part V: “Lilith in the cornfield.”

Revised July, 2017

Okay! We’ve made it this far; no turning back now! But, before continuing, a quick review.

Our Earthbound Human, one day out of the blue, finds himself on a floating rock, which he dubs Earth…

No. Hold on. Let’s try that again, this time being painfully honest.

Out of the blue (literally), this miniscule speck of an Earthbound Human opens his eyes and finds himself a stumbling, incoherent, grunting, knuckle scraping, evolving creature on a floating rock.

While it’s inconsequential as to how he came to be on the rock, he somehow knows he is not in Kansas anymore, and he’s scared.

Still, almost immediately, inherent instincts kick in. He scrounges for anything he can eat; he searches out clean water to drink.

He knows to hide from the multitude of other predatory creatures, large, small, and enormous, also looking for something to eat; sometimes he’s successful in avoiding them, sometimes not. The simple fact was, everything was in the food chain then, just like everything is in the food chain now.

He seeks out shelter to protect himself, shield himself from driving wind and rain, frightening thunder and lightening, from the hunters that lurk after the burning rock above him disappears, leaving him in total darkness and vulnerable.

There you go, that’s a little better.

For in short, on his waking, that is to say, becoming cognitively aware of his situation, on the activation of his conscious, the switching on of his brain and all the baseline coding it contained, EBH instinctively, immediately launched into all out survival mode, just like every other creature on the rock.

Fast forward millions upon millions of never ceasing rotations of his rock on it’s axis, coupled with it’s never ceasing orbit around it’s glaring fire rock.

Important note. EBH will come to refer to this constant twirling spinning of his rock as the passage of time. The primary measurement of his time based on the appearance (rising), and disappearance (setting), of the fire rock.

As I explained, EBH was creative and imaginative. In truth, he did not have a clue his rock was rotating at all, or that it was further orbiting around a yellow star; he only knew the bright glowing thing above him was there, then it wasn’t.

But, you and I know better; we understand there is actually no such thing as time, at least not the way EBH has created. You and I know there is only the perpetual, methodic rotation of the Earth on it’s axis, and it’s equally methodic, perpetual orbital trek around the Sun.

What EBH will come to refer to as his past and his future are but illusions. Biologically, and more so, neurologically speaking, his past is actually nothing more than select stored memories, recalled frequently (not necessarily as originally experienced), therefore presenting as reality. His future, likewise an illusion based on memories of events observed, or activity he has participated in, or seen others engaged in. Little Johnny’s future is in medicine because he has watched all 87 seasons of Boston General. 

EBH’s time concept, his seconds, minutes, hours, his day, month, and year, like everything else, was born out of ignorance, clever little creations based on repetitive observations (memories) of astrological events, events which could (and will, someday) drastically change, even cease.

The black void? The other rocks? The possibility of other life forms? All beyond EBH’s comprehension for reasons yet to be discussed. But please note, Caveman EBH produced art depicting what could be construed as alien images (Scotty?), and odd shaped objects, perhaps some kind of craft, but more on that later.

For in reality, EBH exists only in the here and now, the present, the moment; the twirling of his rock has absolutely nothing to do with his existence, other than the fact that as long as it keeps spinning, EBH keeps living; and that applies to every living creature, great and small.

I’m throwing in one more irrefutable fact just for grins and giggles. Just as the rock rotates perpetually on it’s axis, just as the rock orbits perpetually around the yellow star, so does EBH exist perpetually. For his existence begins with the first beat of his heart, and ends only with the last beat. There are no pauses, there are no time outs, there are no do overs or restarts in life. EBH can only rest himself, but no matter how often, or how long he rests, his heart continues to beat, his lungs continue to deliver oxygen, his metabolism continues to maintain tissue 24/7.

Interesting, don’t you think? The rock stops its perpetual rotation, EBH dies. The heart stops its perpetual beating, EBH dies.

As for the infamous “beginning of time,” and the even more dramatic “end of days,” just fantastical creative writing to nip at the mass’s fear and obsession with the unknown, toy with his sense of guilt, and take advantage of his mindless ignorance. (Remember, Mommy did not leave a DYI Manual warning against stupidity.) 

What creative writers rarely explain to their readership is, the last chapter is simply that, the last chapter, the end of the story; at least until the next installment.

For common sense dictates, if a story depicts characters and situations that defy the accepted laws of physics, biology, and chemistry, such as do mythological supernatural gods and goddesses, and their dungeons and dragons sparring partners, the argument the story is truthful is moot.

No one lives hundreds of years, much less forever. In the real world, on the actual spinning, orbiting rock, it’s the raw biological, natural process of decay that will prevail.

There simply is no fabricated, fictionalized fairytale ending involving gods and heavens, demons and hells.

Again, one’s past is constructed by memories; therefore, the EBH  immersed, inundated by mythological stories of god’s and heavens, perhaps even forced to believe (brainwashed), intimidated into accepting related fictional doctrines daily, week after week, decades after decade, that EBH will begin to process the fiction as fact. The EBH’s mind could even create hallucinations based on stored memories.

On the other hand, the EBH who reads those same mythological stories, listens to the same mythology based doctrines, but consciously does so understanding they are created, fabricated fiction, does store the memories as well, but stores them as insignificant to existence.

Sadly, the latter described EBH is the minority on the rock.

And so it was, despite the truth, despite the science, despite the empirical evidence staring EBH square in the face, he either simply could not grasp it, or he simply chose to ignore it.

Despite his observing the birth of EBH offspring, and observing the death of those same offspring at some point during their life on the rock, some as soon as one twirl, others hundreds of twirls, still others more; despite observing that alone, EBH could not make the vital distinction between reality and fantasy.

Now, earlier I hypothesized that, perhaps, most of what EBH exhibited as learned skills, abilities, were in actuality recalled traits embedded deep within his subconscious, possibly even encoded genetically. I also offered that some recalled data could surface corrupted, indecipherable, unreliable. This concept of eternal life could stem from such misunderstood data.

This could be the case because, in truth, matter never truly ceases to exist.

Consider, if you will, the science and logic.

The number of spins the rock takes on it’s axis, the number of orbits around the burning rock an EBH was to enjoy was anybody’s guess then, as is anybody’s guess now. And while it’s true, all creatures great and small would cease to exist, cease to breathe, it was also true nothing, absolutely nothing leaves the rock.

Everything that has ever walked and talked, flowered or bore fruit, swam or flew, is still on the rock today, only in their new phase of existence.

In this regard, EBH does in fact exist for all eternity.

And so it happened that EBH, assumedly, up to this point, the brightest of all Earthbound creatures, considering his guiding conscious, totally screws up.

Now, considering all the positives, which included some pretty impressive accomplishments, EBH had nothing to hang his head over. He had advanced himself physically, emotionally, cognitively, and even consciously to a level of fledgling intelligence; he had developed communicative and social skills that further allowed him to positively engage with other EBHs.

But more impressive was the fact he had survived his primal phase at all. 

So it made absolutely no sense, none whatsoever, that he would forgo everything he knows to be good, everything he has come to know as progress, to abandon a prosperous, emerging co-existence with his global EBH brothers and sisters, and take his tribe down a new path, a dark path, a path he will instead pave with the blood of those same brothers and sisters.

He even chooses to deny female EBH. Wait. Did I say deny? I meant, he opens up a super-sized can of raw humiliation, degradation, exploitation, subjugation, and if that wasn’t enough, subjects her, and her daughters, to the most horrendous, despicable, unconscionable physical torture and deaths his demented imagination could invent.

Let’s be perfectly clear here, because this single decision not only epitomizes EBH’s ignorance and stupidity, but substantiates that he is unfit to serve in any leadership position on the rock, at least not without strong supervision.

So here we go, one more time for clarity; EBH, incomprehensibly takes the mythologically based social position that condemns, and I state that as a literal fact, the female EBH; the woman who struggled side by side with him through the primal phase, probably got him through the primal phase. The woman who helped not only establish the tribal networks, but led and advanced a lot of those fledgling communities. The woman that was the legitimate source of lineage and heritage. His grandmother. His mother. His sister. The mother of his daughter.

Turning against her alone instantaneously reduced him from a specimen growing in stature, displaying potential to rule, someday, next to female EBH, reduced him into a hopeless loser.

So, what drives EBH to lose it? To simply chuck it all away? Let’s find out.

Let us never forget, EBH thrived on creativity and imagination. These were his driving processes, his universal strengths (and follies). But on handing over the keys to the kingdom, the empire (Mesopotamia, 3400 B.C.E.), over to  the priests, the occult, the Shaman, he literally sold his soul (and the rock) to Satan incarnate.

In truth (Satan doesn’t exist), EBH was outsmarted (which apparently was not that difficult) by the greatest, most profitable con in the history of EBH to date (there’s still time).

You see, the priests (here used universally, in that there is no difference between Shaman  other than their tags), knew how to run a ruse.

They first employed the best creative writers, and these masters of poetry and prose set to creating the literature that still reigns as the greatest story ever told.

Let’s face it, there were not that many truly gifted creative writers back then, and when the gig is to create the genesis of all EBHs? In essence, to create the entire universe? Come on! This was the gig of gigs! And as it turned out, the result is the rock’s all time best seller.

For these writers knew well, there was nothing more powerful than the well written word, especially when the recipients of those words were ignorant and illiterate and highly impressionable, simple minded chattel.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m not only speaking of the incredibly famous story of Jesus, the Nazarene, and his all powerful God father; I’m speaking of the equally fantastical, mind spelling, heart throbbing stories of Zeus, Odin, Ra, and the myriad of others that were opening across the rock.

No matter whose name was in lights on the marquee, one couldn’t go wrong with any choice as the creative writers were in their prime. Virtually all exceeded expectations in creating the most spectacular stories ever, almost all still dazzling EBH to date. 

Deities were the Rock stars of the day, many even battling each other over lowly, Earthbound human.

EBH was effectively distracted by this latest rage, and that translated to pay dirt for the priests, across the board.

Having said that, allow me to clear something up. I am using the term genesis in the sense of origination. I understand, considering all the literary works pertaining to organized religions, a few doctrinal collections may include a chapter entitled Genesis, but I am not referencing that chapter. I am merely referring to the origination of EBH, an event, to this day, still very much a mystery.

Now, I must interject this quick note. For while creative writers can enjoy immense success, they also live in a precarious world, including, but not limited to, dealing with the curse of the copyright.

And now let’s consider the book of Genesis as an example. For the first known draft of this book, fantastic as I’m sure it was, is (allegedly) forever lost. The true author(s)? Unknown (at least, unrevealed). The date drafted? Not a clue. Royalties to this guy(s)? Nada. Nil. Not a dime.

You see, literary work, all literary work, produced for whatever reason, all literary work undergoes a process known as revising and editing (or should). If the originator does not maintain control of his piece, his work, throughout this process, well, it’s the old snooze you loose thing, especially if the work turns out to be a hit.

The collection of books known as The Bible, are some of the most read books ever printed, but the original writers, their heirs, are not making a dime from the popular works. (Of course, I’ll tell who is; just keep reading.)

I stated it was crucial for a writer to protect his work, typically referred to as academic, or intellectual property; today, a writer has detailed copyright laws to help him protect his drafts. But even today, the laws can get tricky. For example, if I were producing this work on an employer’s computer, the millions of dollars I stand to make on sales could be awarded to that employer, considering it was produced on company equipment.

Now consider the following.

Christianity is just one of the untold number of organized religions in existence (some two thousand known) across the rock today; and, most of these are further divided into a myriad of lesser denominations, congregations, fellowships, cults, sects, covens, etcetera etcetera.

One such denomination are the Baptist, which claim an impressive membership.

The Baptist prefer the King James Bible as their literary doctrinal work. This version of the bible was commissioned by King James I of England in 1611, ergo his name adorning the title (more on King James later). Again, questionable authorship, questionable overlapping timelines, untold number of revisions by an unknown number of writers.

Yet, this literary work is still published and sold globally as the irrefutable, undeniable, under the threat of heresy, the very word of the adopted Christian deity, God.

Now, The King James Bible is one of the most popular versions in print, undeniably. Five major denominations adopt it as their official bible. But, recently, a hand written copy of The King James Bible (at least a portion) was found archived in the Cambridge University library.

Mislabeled as a commentary, the hand scribed treasure had gone undetected for who knows how long. The researcher that made the find, American scholar Jeffrey Alan Miller, on inspecting the text, acknowledged the work as authentic, however, not a commentary at all, rather as an actual revision of scripture in progress.

The revisionist accomplishing the work, a well known King James translator, Samuel Ward, was in fact utilizing all the cutting and reorganizing techniques universally accepted in revising and editing such work.

There was no evidence, Miller further comments, of divine intervention; so, he notes, if this was in fact the irrefutable written word of God, then God was clearly a disciplined revisionist.

I don’t add this anecdote to discount the existence of any deity, in any form, rather only to stress the point that EBH had grasped the concept of fiction imitating life, and took that concept to a whole new level. For if the word of God is indeed perfect, never to be challenged, under the threat of heresy, under the threat of death (a fate many suffered), no EBH should have ever needed to revise or edit a single word, much less an entire book.

Irrefutably, the altering of one line effectively corrupted the work, invalidating it.

The revising and editing, the marketing, the collection of one penny for these alleged words of God Almighty make it trash, and believe me billions have been made by enterprising EBH selling God’s Word.

But not to worry, all, there is irrefutable evidence that testifies to the true origin of all these stories, all very Earthly indeed.

And that’s why The Book of Genesis, and every book that followed, had to read a certain way.

The drafter of Genesis, while unknown, is credited with producing one of the most impactful works of fiction ever written. Yet, almost immediately the masterpiece went into revision.

It seems the writer penned in a voluptuous, confidently beautiful, Lilith as the first woman created by God; and, we’re told, this first woman was supposed to serve as a sidekick of sorts to the first man, a.k.a., Adam.

Well, apparently, there were some major issues with how the character Lilith was depicted, beginning with how she was created.

It seems the woman, in this particular version of the genesis (there are many), was supposed to be created from one of Adam’s ribs, to cleverly attest to her subservient status to his. Well, the writer must have missed that memo, as I’m sure happened back then also, because he created Lilith from the same Earth, dust, as Adam, making her his equal.

Okay, big boo-boo there, true, but next the writer developed Lilith, not as a docile, obedient, submissive little go-fer mate, rather as a rebellious, non-conformist, staunchly independent woman, who was not about to play second fiddle to no man, first, second, or last created; and then, there was this little something about her sexual appetite and demands to be on top in the boudoir. (This writer was great!)

When Adam demanded her compliance (per God’s command), and full submission to his will, she simply packed her gear and walked. (Probably the most powerful lesson in The Bible to women.)

It was clear Adam could not handle this first lady on his own, and had to make that call for reinforcements, and sure enough, mediators were dispatched from above.

Apparently, exercising her womanly prerogatives, mind made up, Lilith not only has the audacity to argue with and refuse the commands of not one, but three Archangels, Angels sent by God himself to deal with her, uh, attitude, she also (allegedly) manages to seduce yet a fourth Archangel, Samael (several times).

I would have loved to have been that fly on the wall the day the head Shaman read the draft! And I applaud the writer for his ground breaking feminism, although I’m certain he was quickly reassigned to the hymnal writing department, because this was intolerable to those who commissioned the work.

Enter the revising and editing team.

Sadly, feisty Lilith, probably in the first revision, undoubtedly the target of the first revision, was quickly wished into the cornfield, replaced by a more compliant, more submissive, more (ahem) womanly Eve.

However the original of any deity focused book read, the seemingly constant revisions, each more embellished than the last, characters, personalities, and situations more and more fantastical, offer today’s reader versions that encompass just about every conceivable, however implausible, anti-physics, anti-matter, anti-logic scenarios ever concocted and offered in print. (Lilith was revived, only to return as the most horrible, evil, murdering, villainous She-monster of all She-monsters, whose specialty was devouring babies.)

The expression delusion of grandeur is an understatement in this case, for EBH successfully, however incredibly, elevated himself from grunting, bumbling, murderous, adulterous fool to someone worthy of experiencing a personal linking, a communique, a face to face interaction with his Grand Creator; check that, the Creator of absolutely everything living and not living, the rock itself, all surrounding rocks, the Sun that lit up his day, and the Moon that illuminated the night.

Just as every tribe concocted their own physical representation of a deity, be it a ram’s head, a half man half falcon, a calf, a tree, so they created their own mind boggling stories of their deities earthly manifestations and messages.

Suffice it to be said that each of those stories were then, as they are today entertaining, imaginative, and all seem to satisfy the emotional needs of that particular tribe (or not).

Suffice it also to be said, each deity, in and of themselves, offered the faithful individual EBH believer a sense of purpose and internal, if not eternal, security and safety.

When I was sailing across the Pacific, I knew Poseidon, god of the oceans was watching over me.

Now for the reality of all this, for it is not the multitude of gods, or their fantastic stories that truly matter. What does matter are the self-proclaimed Sha-man, which kind of rhymes with Con-man, who saw opportunity to corrupt the faith of the believer, and in the process, make a few bucks.

For with his growing sophistication and silver tongue glib, ever improving persuasive writing skills, a powerful, very powerful new deity to exploit, and lots of hair tonic, EBH now realized a new strength, the power of control and subjugation of the consciously weak masses.

Through his growing cleverness, EBH quickly learned to use those inspiring, emotional, deeply moving, heart wrenching, highly entertaining and engaging “religious doctrines” to initiate the grandest ruse ever perpetrated against his fellow EBH.

For, EBH was still not content with all he had acquired or enjoyed; no, not content at all.

(This work contains/may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of the topic discussed in the article. This constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. I have provided a Work Cited page listing all sites read and utilized in some way in production of this series. Please visit that page as needed. If you are the copyright owner of any work utilized verbatim, and would like this content removed from, please contact me.)

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy (Part IV: I am that I am)

Revised July, 2017

Last we heard, EBH conceded that he was bound to the surface of a rock; a rock floating, spinning, orbiting a brilliant, life sustaining fire rock. 

Further, he was convinced his rock was not the only one of its kind; for each time the fire rock disappeared, the black void was there, speckled with what he somehow knew were other rocks just like his. And, he wondered.

But, his rock offered just about everything he could conceivably need or want to survive. Veggies, fruits, meats, birds that lay eggs, fish of countless variations, all nourishing, strengthening.

And, his rock provided all the clean fresh water he could drink, all the lumber needed for his shelters, the thatch for his roofs.

The female EBH had proven herself an intellectual equal, albeit a little bossy at times. Still, she confidently and skillfully assumed critical leadership roles, establishing herself as a strong business proprietor, as well as being the ideal, graceful social companion.

The female had in fact, in many of these roles, presented more aggressive and forward, a staunch negotiator, at least more so than her male counterpart.

In the social realm, she also presented more outward, including sexual prowess.

While most male EBHs were accepting, appreciative, supporting of this perplexing female, there were those males who actually felt  intimidated, if not downright threatened.

For here was this (mostly) smaller and fairer, soft spoken, soft skinned, long haired girl, with her gentle curves and jutting breasts, her vagina, and, she was not only doing it all, she was often doing it better.

What’s more, not only was she performing, and performing well on the job, she was doing it in society; at home she was carrying the load almost alone. This means she was solely responsible for maintaining the house, nurturing and educating the child.

For it was the female EBH who had properly prepared each child to succeed, to become hard working, conscientious, productive and responsible members of the tribe.

But, to be fair, male EBH wasn’t just hanging with the guys at the pool hall, or entertaining his concubine, he was accomplishing some good, interacting and communicating with other tribes, near and far, establishing trade,     sharing ideas and sharing discoveries, like new, time saving agricultural tools and techniques.

He was soon enough engaging in cooperative projects, building aqueduct systems for irrigation and roads for moving goods and people, all that the lives of all EBHs could improve.

The surface of his rock, his landscape was changing. Collectively, the tribal villages were growing, and more importantly, prospering.

Life on the rock was good. But still, at the end of the day, when the sky went black, when those other rocks lit up the endless void, the nagging question filled his mind.

But now, with his impressive list of accomplishments, with his ever developing communicative skills, with emerging sophistication, he had to finally put the nagging question to rest. After all, school children were asking, and academics were pressing: How could there not be an answer? How could he still not know the answer?

And so, once again, as if somehow all linked by some subconscious encoded bond on a timer of sorts, EBH answered the question once and for all.

But, before we learn how EBH arrives at his answer, and more importantly, what that answer was, let us go back to the EBH conscience for a second; that mysterious conscious that is as unique as finger prints; no two the same. That  magical mystical conscious nobody knows squat about, and nobody ever will.

About the only verifiable aspect regarding this phenomenal human attribute comes, no, not from well read Freudian psychiatrist or psychologist (and their infamous couches), and, no, definitely not from Shaman and their pious, supernatural link to that omniscient unseen God, rather, no, what little we do suspect comes from obstetricians in joint studies with neonatal neurologists.

Sighting multiple cases, these specialist in the yet to be born confidently state that a developing fetus, deep within the womb, is processing external data.

Considering this, it must be acknowledged, the conscious, which identifies each and every EBH as a thinking, feeling, living human being is active and absorbing stimulation, knowledge, possibly from conception. 

All acknowledge that a fetus develops off the genetic coding provided from the female and the male parent; but when speaking of the EBH conscious, of course, we’re speaking of the activation of the human senses, the birth, if you will, of the human personality, what some call the soul.

Even today, EBHs remain ignorant regarding so many, critical aspects of themselves. This is not for not wanting to know, not needing that knowledge, rather due to horrendously inadequate, fact limited, truth limited, mythological favoring educational systems; the great purveyors of misinformation.

An EBH, young or old, desiring to understand life and existence, make sense of what is happening on the rock and why, must educate themselves, involve themselves with other existentialist seekers, and properly see to their own happiness.

Consider, the EBH senses; the senses being the keys to life.

EBH children are taught they possess five basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.  But in reality, there are a myriad of distinct human senses.

Let’s consider the EBH sense of touch. I’m sure all will agree, touch is a fairly broad term.

The sense of touch can be further said to include the perception, the sense of pressure, such as with a grasping arm, the perception of heat, which can range from mild to extreme, and the perception of pain, typically measured in a scale of 0 to 10; 1 being, “Eh,” 10 being, “OMG! Kill me now!”

Likewise, your conscience, through other senses, continually monitors your body’s physiological needs, like a sophisticated, highly efficient home monitoring system. That’s your conscience telling you you’re hungry, not your stomach. 

Collectively, these are known as interoceptive senses, controlling everything anatomical and physiological within the EBH body without his intervention.

Most, if not all EBH senses, are inherent, embedded, encoded into the EBH genetics and the subconscious, pasted through conception, activated during fetal developmental stages, honed in the neonatal phase. This level of sophistication, intricacy did not originate in a fish that one day decided to just flop out of the water and grow legs.

So my point is, what if EBH’s conscious somehow, someway, at some point relays, recalls, blips data pertaining to who, what, when this form of existence began?

What if rag tag remnants of pre-Earth information lingers still deep within the EBH conscious?

What if obscure “flashbacks,” scrambled and distorted that they may be, corrupted and infected, reduced to indecipherable gibberish, surfaces from time to time, recording as unreliable data, ignored as such by most EBHs, catching the curiosity and imagination of others, stimulating senses, imagination, registering as obscure memories.

In that early EBH’s subconscious mind was actually in control of much of what he believed he was controlling perhaps explains his greatest folly ever.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, only because it’s the only conscious thing to think; you believe all this subconscious stuff is sheer nonsense. But, before you go back to your precious funny cat videos,  consider, if you will, your own government, and just about every other government out there. For all are highly invested in breaking the code that protects your magical, mystical ephemeral phenomena that is your highly personal stream of consciousness.

Back? Good. Because the undeniable fact is, whomever breaks that barrier first, wins the big game; and by that I mean, they will possess the ability to gain control of every EBH mind from the point of conception.

Consider that today, with only very limited, superficial knowledge of how the EBH mind works, advertisers know how to get you to buy their line of clothing; game developers know how to distract you for hours, days. They simply bombard you with images of positive, enjoyable, pleasing scenes and associate those images with their products.

Organizations of every description,  especially highly sophisticated ones, like financial institutions and religious organizations thrive through appealing to the EBH sense of safety and security. The hook? Join them, apply for membership, pay the nominal fee, and feel safe and secure for all eternity (literally).

Of course, financial institutions have their monthly fees, service charges, and a myriad of penalties. Religious organizations typically do not have application fees per se, but do expect substantial monthly tithes and offerings, many as much as 10% of cash holdings.

Some of the more radical religious organizations require much, much more from members including material holdings and strict adherence to very specific institutional doctrines.

Violations of these binding doctrines, some as menial as eating forbidden foods, or becoming involved, romantically or otherwise, with non-organization members, outsiders, would mean excommunication, ejection, from the organization.

This level of restriction, loss of personal freedoms, such as being forbidden to seek medical care in the case of illness or injury, can, and have, resulted in the death of members.

In the case of religious extremists fundamentalists organizations, the doctrines demand yet more. Commitment may entail total emergence into a society that will require total personal sacrifice, demanding, not only violent acts against others, but demanding the death of anyone who does not share, and/or accept, respect and abide by religious doctrines, even family members.

All religious organizations, for reasons we’ll delve into soon, rely heavily on engaging their members emotionally, deceiving them through false, fictional doctrines. Many enslaving and entrapping members through intimidating tactics known to build strong co-dependent ties. That is to say, the target EBH comes to depend on, to psychologically need the organization.

These PYSOP like tactics are highly effective against the ignorant,  gullible, and vulnerable EBH. In parochial educational systems, the instillation of mythological based beliefs effectively brain wash children from pre-teen years.

Many, many children have fallen victims to sexual abuse at the hands of Shaman at these facilities.

And so it was, after emerging from the bush, climbing down the trees, slipping on comfortable sandals, making great strides, hitting and exceeding milestone after milestone, EBH allows his guiding conscious to be effectively distracted.

The task of building on commonality, global cooperation, unity, and ensuring social stability that would, at the very least, give global unity a chance is sacrificed, forever derailed in   favor of the imaginary, fantastical, mythological realm of gods and demons.

I will offer what is currently the accepted (based on archeological finds), recorded starting point for this crucial event. 

This starting point is Mesopotamia, honored in EBH history as the first Empire. Located at what is now Iraq, within its borders was the first city, Sumer.

Universally accepted as the origin of human civilization, Mesopotamian and Sumerian citizens are credited with many defining accomplishments establishing, founding many current systems and social structures. 

Is this a factual statement? It is until an older civilization is unearthed.

You see, historical markers, such as the artifacts, structures, and whatnot excavated allowing the identification of the cities of Sumer and Babylon by archeologists, are not the only artifacts buried on the rock. Always remember, anything and everything that has existed on the rock is still on the rock, at some depth, within some layer.

EBH’s current reigning historical facts are based on artifacts, shards of pottery, tools, city walls, etcetera, unearthed to date; the reality is, within the next spin of the rock, a whole new civilization could be unearthed, ten fold advanced, ten fold sophisticated than the Mesopotamian Empire.

Anyway, for now, Mesopotamia emerged at the end of the last Ice Age, estimated at about 9600 B.C.E.

Quick note here, in marking dates and eras, the previous methods were B.C., for times and events occurring Before Christ, and A.D., indicating times and events occurring in the year of our Lord, Anno Domini; more commonly used today are B.C.E., Before the Common Era, and C.E., for Common Era.

So, understanding that (or not), Mesopotamia, the reputed, greatest empire ever, was on the proverbial map. And while I have not done this yet, I’m going to do it now, and may do it a couple more times, I am going to strongly recommend that you visit my Works Cited page and review the Mesopotamia Timeline, and see what all this early civilization is credited with.

But, two key events listed are, at around 3600 B.C.E., the Mesopotamians are credited with the invention of writing. Uh, accept that as you will; personally, I hardly agree.

The second note worthy event occurs at 3400 B.C.E.: Priests become the rulers of Mesopotamian cities. And this is the event of which I refer.

Now, I have been stating that social developments have been occurring unilaterally, uniglobular, simultaneously, such as development of ugh into a complex tribal language; and that is why I cannot accept that the Mesopotamian tribes invented writing; for every tribe invented writing.

But this, priest becoming rulers thing? That was definitely not one of those events.

Unfortunately, this occurring in such an influential, prominent, persuasive foundational society, with its ground breaking, charismatic leaders, like Hammurabi, Sargon, and Nebuchadnezzar; this permitting the ascension of mythological phonies, soundly detached from reality, many existing in surreal, psychosis induced delusionary realms, not worlds, was the spark igniting a global, disastrous, all consuming wildfire that would claim millions upon millions of EBH lives and property, homes and kingdoms. 

For it was one thing to create a tribal deity to unite the citizens around; it was one thing to build temples for that deity, to erect brazened images, typically fashioned after some prominent, local hero EBH, for comfort and acceptance and familiarity.

It was one thing to invite all tribal citizens to join the community congregation, key word being invite, and to lovingly welcome those who wished to participate at their own chosen level, while respecting those who opted to light their little candles and worship in the privacy of their own homes.

You see, a lot of conscientious leaders understood, it was one thing to adopt one tribal deity as supreme, allowing that deity stature above all other existing deities (and there were plenty). It was important, after all, that EBH know that he was not of unknown origin; he needed to know he had at least a great father, a grand creator, somewhere in that vast void of darkness, sitting on a majestic throne, in an unknown, unseen mysterious Heaven.

EBH had answered, finally, that nagging question, each tribe in its own way. The    creation of his deities proved useful to some extent, in that the tribal citizenry did, for the most part, unify around their designated, chosen god, and in many cases, family of gods, whether that god was in the form of a ram, eagle, or a familiar image, such as an iconic local personality. The latter added credence to the belief EBH exists in the image of his creator.

Still others opted to adopt more supernatural gods. These were typically all powerful, omniscient, unseen gods that are always present, always watching, observing his every move, aware of every EBH thought, every EBH act. These were gods that not only gave life, but could take it away. Gods that could richly reward, or harshly punish.

These Gods could offer eternal salvation in an utopian Heaven, a place among the star’s above, or condemn the disbelieving, disobedient EBH to eternal suffering in the very pits of Hell, a fiery, torturous place in the belly of his rock.

Yes. EBH had finally answered that plaguing, nagging, question. He now knew his origin, no matter how fictional that origin was, and just as important, he now knew his final destiny, eternal rewards, or eternal misery.

But, EBH was not content; no, not content at all. 

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The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part III, “Rooaarrr!)

Revised July 2017
An irrefutable fact: A species, humanoid or otherwise, will not persist without the continued, cyclic reproduction and proper nurturing, the educating and indoctrinating of new generations in responsible protecting, sustaining, and advancing their given culture.

In every EBH tribe, there existed two genders. A male gender and a female gender. And through copulation of the male and female (yes, I must be specific here), a child EBH was conceived and delivered into life on the rock.

Now, please understand this, only because here lies one of the greatest fallacy regarding EBH female and male relationships; while different in general appearance, that is to say, the female was fairer than the male, while she is often smaller in frame, with genitalia and a reproductive system specific to permit child conception, development and delivery, the female EBH was strong and capable of standing toe to toe, side by side, not only in conducting day to day tasks, of any category, but also in protecting home and community.

It was in fact the case, the female was often considered more ferocious and dominant than the her male counterpart, in that she had to provide food for herself and her offspring, and protect the nest, as it were.

That’s right, I said had to provide for herself and her babies, only because, since their primal days, the male EBH was very often suitable for accomplishing one task efficiently, or at the very least effectively. He could fertilize her egg. Other than that, he was unreliable as partners go.

Not much, many will tell, has changed in that regard.

But also understand,  male and female EBH did work and play together, struggled and accomplished as an effective team, supported and encouraged one another through many challenges, domestic and society linked, as equal members of a community, large or small. For just as there were plenty of deadbeats to deal with, there were also plenty of males who appreciated and embraced the skills and talents the strengths of the female.

These two distinct and independent EBHs had, after all, woke up together on the rock, and they would survive together on it. This fact just seemed to be an inherent understanding. It seemed once again whomever, whatever deposited this curious species onto their tiny rock, had considered every aspect of survivability; this had not been a random act, some bizarre evolutionary process, some wham bam I just made a man event. 

At one point the female EBH was held in an iconic position in society, with tribes commissioning statues in her honor. These flattering, towering bare breasted images attested to her undeniable providence in communities.

In some cultures, she was not restricted even in her sexual prowessness.

Let’s take a look at the Etruscan woman, the better half of a pre-Roman Italian culture, as an example.

The Etruscan woman was a sophisticated, empowered, integral element of the advanced society. She was involved in commerce, politics, and society. What made this woman unique was that she also enjoyed the freedom to participate in, engage in casual sexual trysts with whomever she pleased. 

Because these women prided themselves in physical fitness and impeccable appearance, they considered being seen nude by others, especially men, as a compliment, not as an embarrassment or disgrace. 

The Etruscans are one of the first societies to flaunt open marriages. They very well may have originated the orgy; wife sharing/swapping, as well as the other way around,  was a custom to them. The women not only accepted many men onto their couches, they raised any child that resulted out of their encounters, whether they could identify the biological father or not.

This custom would later come to be criticized by the following Egyptian and Roman sex mongrels.

Many other cultures would simply bestow the title of goddess upon their women, and commission a stone carver to produce an image worthy of her.

One of the most notable finds to date is a statuette of a possible goddess of fertility that dates back nine thousand years. (Sorry Young Earth Creationist EBH.)

The find was in an ancient Turkish settlement called Çatalhöyük. The settlement is believed to have existed for longer than a millennium.

Now, having said all that, let’s delve into what many regard as an exercise in futility, what still others refer to as absolute nonsense, and at least one news commentator calls total bullshit; that social practice that has perpetrated more harm than good, more deception and lies than a presidential campaign, more financial ruin, more deaths, murders and suicides, as well as murder-suicides, that little something known as marriage.

By it’s most simplest and basic definition, marriage is an mutually agreed to domestic, and very often a financially beneficial union between two EBHs, female-male, female- female, male-male, and oddly enough, female-corpse (yes, I’m serious).

From that, every culture added their own spin, restrictions, requirements, and fees. The only commonality across the rock regarding marriages, from the most basic ho-hum no certificate common law marriage, to the more complex polygamy what-you-buy-one-you-better-buy-all arrangements, all were, at the base root, designed to advantage the male EBH. (Oh, you’ll hear some contrary arguments to this, but all moot.)

Allow me to expound.

In the beginning, there was the Patriarchal Social Experiment gone horribly wrong. Quite frankly, EBH’s grandest bone-head move ever. And while we will revisit this social catastrophe in detail in the last installment of this series, suffice it, for now, to be said that male EBH had declared himself the indisputable King; no, scratch that, EBH had arrogantly proclaimed himself God on Earth.

And so, because he was now a God, he commanded not only female EBH, but even every other lesser EBH (essentially everybody else).

A female EBH, regardless of status, rich, poor, slave, wife of the God, was subjugated and literally at the mercy of her man.

This incidentally, is still the case on much of the rock today.

For this reason, female EBH could be, by her father, husband, owner, given away, traded away, sold, enslaved, prostituted out, or simply killed.

Now, I know what you are thinking, there had to be laws protecting the females; and yes, there were. Recall I stated there were primitive cultures that held woman up in the highest esteem, as Goddesses, but, and this is going to sound odd, 99.9% of that went away with the first true civilization formed.

That first true civilization, at least the title, went to Mesopotamia, which is recorded as having come on line at the end of the last Ice Age, about 10000 B.C.E.

The first recognized written laws that provided for female EBH came out of this so called first civilization, in the form of  The Codes of Hammurabi, penned in 1772 (Babylon) B.C.E.

While female was provided a measure of protection under Emperor Hammurabi’s Codes of Law, sadly, she also began her downward spiral under him. A downward spiral that would find her in the proverbial pits of Hell; a downward spiral she is still desperately trying to recover from today.

So, the question arises, was the early honoring of the female EBH, permitting her extraordinary privileges, extraordinary freedoms, something the primitive EBH societies had come up with on their own, or was this behavior more subconscious encoding surfacing?

Undeniably, the EBH female was an integral element in developing EBH society; and, in many instances her skills and talents over shadowed that of the brute  male.

In addition to, and in conjunction with her fertility status, as the child bearer, she was regarded as the true and only source of lineage, and rightfully so. Again, the domestic partner was not always necessarily the sire of the child. 

Had she enjoyed that level of stature prior to finding herself Earthbound?

Within the tribes, she acquired education, held public office at all levels, served as a jurist, was a successful proprietor and negotiator of business, and a land owner in equal standing with the male.

If her domestic relationship with her male partner dissolved, she was entitled to, and received her fair share of the couple’s joint holdings, as was right and just.

Because of this recognition, this acknowledgment and acceptance of gender equality, societies, tribes, alliances flourished in productivity, growth, and stature.

Global EBH was functioning at one hundred percent efficiency; both male and female actively engaged across the board, in every aspect of life. Neither gender was ruling over, undermining, exploiting the other.

All seemed to be going great on the tiny rock. 

But, for some reason male EBH was not content. Not at  all content.

(This work contains/may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been authorized by the copyright owner. Such material is made available in an effort to advance understanding of the topic discussed in the article. This constitutes ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit. If you wish to use copyrighted material from this site for purposes of your own that go beyond ‘fair use’, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner. I have provided a Work Cited page listing all sites read and utilized in some way in production of this series. Please visit that page as needed. If you are the copyright owner of any work utilized verbatim, and would like this content removed from, please contact me.) 

The Disillusioned Earthbound Human: A Tragedy  (Part II, “Ugh!)

(Revised July, 2017)

Our EBH has somehow, someway come to exist on a tiny speck of a floating space rock, a rock that is spinning and spinning like a nonstop Ferris wheel, like an out of control merry-go-round. And, as if that wasn’t enough to scramble his  brain, the rock is also locked into an orbit around one of millions of brilliant, flaming fireball rocks, itself floating in what appears, at least to his naked eyes, as an endless void of scary blackness. And his questions remains: How? Why? When? And, by who’s hand? By what means?

The EBH does not know the answer; and sadly, will never know. The question is,  and will forever be, the ultimate conundrum, that eternal mystery.

But assuming, just for grins and giggles, EBH was brought to his rock by, oh, let’s say concerned parents, his people, a victim of the classic dying society, brought to the rock for his own good, his own safety, the last hope of a race; or perhaps, while we’re toying with ideas, perhaps he was sentenced here, brought here as an exile, to separate him from his culture for whatever reason, dropped into an uncharted, never to be found again,  alien, albeit survivable wilderness, to literally do or die.

The possibilities are endless, limited only by one’s imagination. But whatever the case, EBH should have (one would think), quickly gotten over what he did not know, and focused on what he did know, focused on what he physically saw before him: Not only a survivable environment, but the realistic opportunity to live long and prosper .

Now, to his early credit, and our first hint at his potential, EBH did in fact survive; but, this survival can be attributed to a simple, inherent reflex, the fight or flight reflex; a built-in survival trait. (Essentially, all Earthbound creatures, great and small, possess it.)

However, when he was not tussling with some creature, for his dinner, or running from some beast looking to make a meal out of him, EBH opted to sit and sear, to pout, to in fact behave as a neglected, abandoned child, throwing tantrums and breaking his toys, in this case, destroying and poisoning his only means of survival; poisoning his sustaining resources, so graciously provided by his rock. 

Maybe EBH remained angry because no note was left by Mommy, promising to return for him some day. Maybe he was upset because no instructions were left as how to best survive on a strange, unfamiliar rock.

Perhaps, more angering and frustrating than any of that was the simple fact of not knowing from where he came, or why he was on the rock at all.

There was no map home. There was no number to phone home. There was nothing. At least that he knew of.

EBH, simply woke up one day (consciously speaking, of course) to find himself standing in the warmth of a brightly shining sun, under trees laden with more sweet fruits than Kroger’s could ever offer.

He walked through wild gardens, vines adorned with the most juicy and tasty vegetables, of every conceivable kind, growing in abundance.

He waded through clear flowing rivers teaming with nourishing, protein rich fish, and wondered among  animals of every conceivable kind as they roamed the hills and valleys, edible ones and hard working beasts of burden.

He looked up, and watched birds of every description and color as they filled the skies, others as they nested, laying white, brown, and speckled eggs.

I’m sure he appreciated quenching rains as they poured down from blackened skies, washing all periodically. 

No, EBH didn’t just wake up to find himself alone and in dire straights, he woke up and found himself in a veritable garden paradise; well, at least he knew where such gardens were located. 

If EBH was in fact abandoned, left to fend for himself, for a short period of time, or all time, whoever, whatever transported, delivered, deposited him (if in fact that was the case), onto the surface of his spinning rock, a rock in a vast void of rocks, that entity did their homework, or at the very least had compassion, for they could not have chosen a more life supporting, life sustaining rock.

But back to reality, because it was not just a matter of EBH not accepting his awakening in paradise; it just could not be that simple. It was not just a matter of not bringing himself to simply embrace his good fortune, damn all that; no, EBH harbored a deep seeded, all consuming obsession, and that obsession was compounded by, not only a growing anger, but an equally growing and festering savagery.

EBH was not satisfied with being supported, nurtured, sustained by his rock, prison or savings grace; and, on the methodical vanishing of the burning, blazing, yellow rock, and the simultaneous appearance of a multitude of other rocks, illuminating, dotting the black canvas, EBH only laid back and stared; stared, knowing, suspecting, somewhere among the twinkling space rocks, was his true home, his true family, the place he belonged, or at least had to return for whatever reason, complete a task, effect revenge.

Now, please recall I explained that all EBHs possess a conscious. That inner most self, that which allowed him thought, as well as all that he could sense, sight, hearing, touch; that inexplicable presence within him that was his alone, that distinguished him from all other EBHs.

That mysterious thing that, as with his origin, as with his destiny, no EBH, none, not a single psychologist, not one psychiatrist, certainly no self-proclaimed Shaman of any organized religious cult, could legitimately claim to have knowledge of, not then, not now, not ever. Oh, make no mistake, many, many simple minded EBHs have in the past orbits, do in the present orbits, and will in orbits to come claimed to possess such knowledge, but understand, that is only their delusion, or well scripted ruse.

For the human conscious is as distinct and personal as finger prints; no two the same. And while EBH can obtain an image of finger prints, while he can trace the intricate patterns, the swirling scrolls with his little pencil, he will never understand the message, the coding, the true meaning and purpose of those meticulous patterns, how they really link to and identify the EBH.

If any “instructions,” if any guidance, or compelling messages were left by those who delivered the EBH to the surface of his rock, those guiding messages may have been encoded into the EBH subconscious; even if nothing more than, “Good luck! You’re on your own!” (After all, he was eventually able to climb down a tree and into a skyscraper.) And perhaps, while we’re free thinking, those intricate finger prints somehow identify the conscious, the being existing within the biological frame. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let us slow down, and back up a bit.

I need to explain that while I’m using EBH in the singular tense; it must be understood, there were a multitude of EBH tribes scattered throughout the surface of the rock; and, genetically speaking, all these EBHs were/are the same; that is to say, all sport two legs, two arms, one head, one brain, etcetera, etcetera.

Some tribes do enjoy variations to the basic theme, facial features mostly, height and skin tone, others, hair density and texture. But, what must be understood is all possess that conscious, with it’s encoded intuition, the ability to reason, to think, to evaluate and choose.

Considering their similarities (and differences), each individual tribe considered itself equal in standing with all other tribes, and rightfully so; no tribe enjoyed an advantage over another, physically, cognitively. All were equal on the rock.

Oh, each tribe certainly embraced their own unique cultural differences; in many cases, tribal leaders did undoubtedly tout their tribes as superior to others. Bigger, stronger, more powerful. And while some tribes did seem to discover aspects about their rock quicker than others, essentially all tribes acclimated and advanced socially at the same global pace.

So, the second all time pressing question consuming EBH was/is, considering the undeniable similarities, were all tribes linked to the same magical, mystical origin in some way?

Were all EBHs cast in the image of a single, magical, mystical all mighty creator? Was EBH created in those same lush gardens he found himself walking through? Did every EBH on the rock, of every tribe across the rock truly originate from two EBHs? More importantly, only six thousand years ago? There are many who speculate that is the case, just lack the (fantastic) hard evidence to prove their suspicions, and disprove the mounds of hard evidence to the contrary. (Especially the time factor.)

Or, as the scientific, floating, spinning space rock experts like to profess, did EBH evolve as a result of a “ big bang ” somewhere in the cosmos, and all the microbe particles combined to form the first living cells, which evolved to form EBH? This would certainly account for the multitude of tribes, as those microbes would cover the rock, not fall only on select spots.

Or, did EBH originate of a Father and Mother EBH, of a race of EBHs, parents, biologically capable of passing DNA encoding, damn whether brought to the rock on a field trip, stranded on the rock due to some kind of space bus accident, or beamed down by Science teacher Scotty.

The irrefutable fact remains, the evidence strong and obviously undeniable, all EBH share the same basic genetic coding, all EBHs are born, vaginally, of the female EBH, all EBHs possess a conscious, intelligence, and the capacity to not only advance, but advance socially, curiously, simultaneously.

All this confirms, all EBH originate from a common species.

I’ll throw one more in, only because it’s my personal favorite.

Perhaps, Scotty’s mission was not to beam down single specimens, rather beam down couples, mixed gender experimental groups, small homesteading communities, in a scatter plot pattern, covering all land forms identified as potentially life supporting. The seeding of the rock, as it were. Sure, it would have been a momentous undertaking, even for a highly sophisticated, scientifically advanced society like his, but it would certainly explain the multitude of tribes, the obvious similarities, and slight dissimilarities, attributed to developing in different regions, under varried circumstances.

I say specimen because Scotty (archeology tells us) did not beam down fully developed EBHs, rather EBH in their primal stage; this to allow a slow, purposeful, full acclamation to his new home. (Makes total sense, right?)

Now, I need to include that one of the current dominant theories is that all EBHs, every single one, from the Australian aborigines to the the British Royal family, all evolved from a single set of parents. Parents that evolved from a single cell organism. Nuff said about that. 

But alas, which ever of the preceding, if any, is correct and true, no one will ever know, and that’s fine, because it is all inconsequential. For as far as EBH was concerned back in his formative phase, to his present phase, there is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow, there is only the now. And for a fleeting moment, he actually seemed to grasp that intuitive fact.

We know this by the sheer fact that he survived. Allow me to expound on that a little. 

Incredibly, EBH managed to survive his initial phase; his primal phase of existence on the rock. Incredible because those initial acclamation orbits were the ultimate down and dirty, the most perilous dog eat dog phase that in all honesty could have gone either way. But not only does EBH survive, impressively, he actually manages to advanced himself socially.

And this is where we pick up EBH’s hapless plight; not that the whole evolving ape-man thing isn’t interesting; I strongly recommend you read all you can on that phase. I just do not consider it critical to this particular effort.

What is interesting is EBH’s reaching a point of existing which allows for the (perhaps) activation of some encoded skills and/or embedded, subconscious instructions. For once again, essentially all EBH tribes began to develop socially along similar lines. The key driving development was the establishment of communication, both oral and in writing. 

For no man can rule a tribe (or a kingdom) without a clear published mandate. 

No king can preserve his legacy, record his glorious conquests, properly proclaim his supremacy throughout the lands without proper, tangible means and methods.

So somehow, someway, again perhaps due to some universal inherent knowledge, an embedded skill set resurfacing, each tribe seemed to (almost) simultaneously accomplish a universal task. 

Each EBH tribe developed, tailored specifically to each tribe, variations of the basic “ugh.”

Now consider this carefully, what each and everyone one of us (today) essentially takes for granted, even to the point of abuse, speech, words pooled together in strings, in the most creative and imaginative ways, in conversations, in public speaking, in song, all originated from the first ever ugh.

What so many scientists, anthropologists, archeologists, certainly linguists refer to as the evolution of EBH speech was in fact only the recalling of stored skills. Instead of evolving, EBH was painfully, but successfully, reestablishing an existence.

He first found his voice through the frustrated utterance of ugh, then, out of sheer necessity, quickly employed volume, stress, and pitch, as these were critical in communicating across distances and thick jungle. Intonation, pace, emphasis, gestures, hand and face, as well as body positioning and stance were all needed in close proximity communication. Story telling. Instruction delivery to a young hunter. Explaining that unfamiliar red dye on his collar to a highly suspicious Mrs EBH.

The universal,  basic ugh gave way to a more melodic, meaningful voice.

The intricacies of meaningful speech were reestablished, literally. Objects, and more importantly, personalities acquired their own sounds, their own names.

EBH was on a role, but while oral communication was great for close proximity messaging, it did not do much for distance messaging.

Enter the sharpened stone and the sandstone tablet.

Once again we see this uncanny ability to simultaneously resolve this issue as well. Taking these two readily available items in hand, EBH begins to scratch, imprint creative, unique, complex, and often ornamental scribblings, not unlike those found on his finger tips. 

Individual scribblings were then curiously combined in sets coming to represent a tribesman name, an official title, a label for a tool or utensil, the name of a river, or a fruit.

And so it came to be, all tribal EBHs not only possessed verbal speech, but written language as well.

While many tribes continually modified and expanded their languages and vocabularies, many others still use a very basic, simplistic dialect today.

Surprisingly, even the most simplistic known dialects accomplish what are considered the essential elements of meaningful communication. That is to say, even crude dialects involve a sender, a distinct and clear message, target a specific receiver, allow for/solicit feedback, permit a channel (or medium), consider potential interference and address specific situations.

These early utterances and scribblings permitted a crude, yet functional level of communication, not only within the tribe, but enabled communication with other neighboring tribes in the region.

EBH was connected, and quickly set to built meaningful circles of friends, form groups, and crucial alliances. 

Within the tribe, these early utterances and scribblings were important in EBH establishing some semblance of social organization (not always effective), and law and order, (not always accepted, nor abided by all tribal members); and more importantly, he was now able to commission an official scribe to record all of his accomplishments for all time.

History was enabled. But, as is true today, recorded history is not always factual. As is true today, recorded history favors the recorder; for this reason, it is always recommended that, when researching historical events, historical personalities, read from the perspective of all entities involved.

What you will generally find is no one claims to be the bad guy, no one accepts fault, only offer defenses and justification for their actions. All claim to have been acting in the best interest of their people, and more importantly, all was carried out in “God’s name. ”  Well, in their God’s name at least, considering there have been an estimated twelve thousand God’s worshipped on the rock. 

Also, while these fledgling communication tools were not interchangeable from one tribe to another, their simplicity and repetitive characteristics allowed one EBH tribe to adequately learn another tribe’s language without too much difficulty.

And so it was, EBH could effectively, and meaningfully dialogue with EBH and thus enabled a myriad of social interactions such as trading of goods, sharing of ideas, establishment of cooperatives that would allow public works projects mutually benefiting multiple tribes.

All was well and good. But the EBH was not content. Not at all content.

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